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Steinar Engen (available 15 October–15 April)
population dynamics, population genetics, age-structured populations, stochastic (random) population dynamics, spatial processes, community dynamics (animal communities), stochastic biologial processes, stochastic simulation models

Mats Harald Andreas Ehrnstrøm
mathematics, innovative education, wave equations and other differential equations

Helge Holden
Abel Prize, applications of mathematics, differential equations, oil reservoir simulation, international mathematical organizations

Nils Baas
mathematics and applications, systems biology, topology and data

Kjersti Wæge
didactics of mathematics

Hermundur Sigmundsson
math and reading skills, math problems, dyslexia, motor skills development, motor difficulties, physical activity, technical skills, sports, generally about learning and skill development, creativity

Nadav Bar
matemathical modeling, simulation, systems biology, dynamical systems, dynamics

Tag: mathematics

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