Expert lists for journalists


Harald Rise
church music, church concerts, repertoire/traditions of the Church at Christmas

Magnar Breivik
film soundtracks, 20th century music history, music and cultural life in the Weimar Republic

Nora Bilalovic Kulset
music and: language, second language, minorities, health, ageing, the brain

Carl Haakon Waadeland
jazz, drums, rhythm, music technology

Michael Francis Duch
jazz, improvisation, contemporary music, experimental music

Kari Bjerke Batt-Rawden
public health, health promotion and community care, music and health, nature-culture interplay, social inequality and quality, empowerment

Elizabeth Svarstad
Norwegian and European history of dance, style dance, Renaissance dance, French Baroque dance, minuet, contra dance, theatre dance, dance notation, dance as Bildung, dance for musicians

Espen Berg
jazz, piano, improvisation, composition, ear training

Anders-Petter Andersson
interactive music, sound design, musicology, user interaction and music in digital an interactive media, music in computer games, mobile streaming services, welfare technology

Tag: music

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