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John De Mello
nanoscience, flow chemistry, electronic materials, open hardware

Peter Köllensperger

Jianying He
nanotechnology, nanomechanics, nano-enabled petroleum engineering

Erik Folven
spintronics, magnetic logic, nanotechnology, nanoelectronics

Helge Weman
graphene, nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, 3G solar cells, nanowires, semiconductors, optoelectronics

Thomas Tybell
nanotechnology, nanoelectronics, electronics, oxide electronics, functional materials

Catharina De Lange Davies
nanoparticles, nanomedicine, cells and tissue, medical technology, radiation

Mari-Ann Einarsrud
nanostructured materials, materials chemistry, ceramic materials

Øyvind Halaas
medicine, nanomedicine, medical micro/nanotechnology, microfluidics, organs-on-chip

Hans Jørgen Roven
materials science, metals, light metals for marine and Arctic applications, aluminium, hydrogen storage in metals, fatigue, studies of damaged ships and fracture studies, microstructure, nanostructure, metal recycling, roll, forge, weld

Christian Thaulow
nanomaterials: fracturing, mechanical properties, learning from nature

Arne Brataas
nanotechnology, quantum physics, material science

Pawel Sikorski
nanotechnology, biomaterials, bioinspiration, biophysics, lab on a chip

Kai Sandvold Beckwith
nanotechnology, bionanoscience, cell-nanostructure interactions, surface chemistry, (cell) microscopy

Heidrun Åm
biotechnology and politics, research organization and interdisciplinary, social responsibility in research, innovation and society, nanotechnology and politics, research policy: democratic participation and power, technology management, cooperation across the humanities and the natural sciences

Ida Marie Eriksdatter Høiaas
nanotechnology, nanoelectrics, graphene, optoelectronics, semiconductors

Tor Grande
materials science, materials chemistry, ceramic materials, nanomaterials, aluminium electrolysis, refractory materials, crystal structure, microstructure, thermodynamics, fuel cells, ferroelectric materials, piezoelectric materials, ionic conductors

Tag: nanotechnology | nano | nano particles

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