National health service and care services

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National health service and care services

Siri Forsmo
osteoporosis and fractures, general practice, public health, effects and consequences of screening and health checks

Steinar Westin
general practice, social medicine, communicable diseases, family doctors in the health care system, medical ecology, social security, disability pension, health care, unemployment and health, social inequalities in health

Ann Rudinow Sætnan
management data, the health care sector, privacy, video surveillance, management by statistics

Linn Getz
health and life experiences, multimorbidity, body and soul, clinical guidelines, preventive medicine, systems medicine

Jon Magnussen
patients and health care, health economics, healthcare reforms, social security

Terje Andreas Eikemo
health and mortality, comparative studies of health in many countries (especially European health), social status, welfare, health care utilization, social inequalities and health, work environment and lifestyle (particularly smoking, physical activity, alcohol and diet)

Ralf Kirchhoff
systems in healthcare

Borgunn Ytterhus
children/young people and social exclusion and inclusion, disability in childhood, kindergarten, school, children as dependents, children and welfare

Aud Obstfelder
health technology, welfare technology, municipal health and care services, humans and technology, organization

Marianne Skinner
innovation in public sector, organization, municipal health and care services

Maren Sogstad
municipal health and care services

Laila Tingvold
municipal health and care services, volunteerism

Arild Faxvaag
e-health, health informatics, ICT in healthcare, ICT in hospitals, health registries, patient record systems, digital patients

Aksel Tjora
patients and health services, the sociology of health, telemedicine, organizations and technology, communication, interviewing as a research method, cafes, festivals, social media

Hilde Grimstad
general practice, doctor-patient communication, women's health, medical education

Anders Grimsmo
patient care, general practitioners scheme, general practice, primary care, community health service, welfare technology, ICT in healthcare (health informatics, medical record, communication)

Lars Johan Vatten
epidemiology (public health): cancer, cardiovascular disease, birth weight, preeclampsia, life course epidemiology

Geir Arild Espnes
public health, health sciences, training, health promotion, psychology, health psychology, health care in third world, global health, poor countries, South Pacific, Papua New Guinea

Olav Magnus Fredheim
pharmacoepidemiology and use of pain treatment (opiodis), pain and pain treatment (especially acute pain and chronic pain that is not due to cancer), pain treatment of addicts, patients' spiritual and existential needs

Stig William Omholt
medical technology, biotechnology, systems biology

Gøril Thomassen
professional communication, healthcare communications, interdisciplinary communication, conversations in meetings, meeting management

Endre Sjøvold
hospitals, ICT, management, change, team/cross-cultural teams, virtual teams, project- and high-performance teams, group processes, team-performance in in-secure situations, crises and military operations

Andreas Krüger
ambulance services, acute medicine, acute medicine systems,

Hanne Rustad
health communication, risk communication, linguistic communication, politeness, laughter

Bjarne Nes
public health, training, physical activity, fitness

Ragnhild Hellesø
interaction and eHealth, municipal health care services

Erik Solligård
intensive care medicine in general, Sepsis/Septicemia, narcosis and Anesthesia in general, emergency, emergency department, global health, patient safety and quality healthcare

Karl Elling Ellingsen
intellectual and developmental disabillity (IDD), cognitive impairment, disability, self-determination, inclusion, participation, work inclusion / supported employment, coercion (restraint), rule of law

Pål Erling Martinussen
health policy, municipal policies, public policy and administration

Nina Kongshaug
cancer, clinical ICT, Helseplattformen (the Health platform), electronic health records, specialist health service, follow-up of patients in the home situation through digital aids, clinical decision support in electronic health records, knowledge management in medicine, interdisciplinary collaboration ICT and clinical medicine

Wenche Malmedal
violence against elderly, abuse and neglections in nursing homes

Torbjørn Herlov Andersen
boys and men subjected to sexual abuse – generally and more specific in religious context, gender and masculinity, men as informal caregivers (primary caregiver for spouse / partner with great care needs)

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