Navigation and ship control

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Navigation and ship control

Kristin Ytterstad Pettersen
control systems, robotics, autonomous robots

Mary Ann Lundteigen
offshore control systems, offshore security systems, underwater technology

Thor I. Fossen
navigation and ship control, marine robotics, unmanned systems

Asgeir J. Sørensen
ship and oil platform control systems, marine robotics, underwater engineering, marine engineering

Martin Ludvigsen
under water robotics, photogrammetry, computer vision techniques, system autonomy, navigation, Arctic operations, marine archaeology, sonars, acoustics, hyperspectral imaging, dynamic positioning, geology and biology, cold water corals, marine mining

Børje Forssell
navigation (all kinds of), satellites, radar, radio, laser measuring, ionospheric disturbance, other disturbances to radio signals

Anton Shiriaev
control systems, robotics

Geir Johnsen
marine optics, marine ecology, photosynthesis, pigments in organisms, Barents Sea (ecosystem), marine organisms

Jens M. Hovem
communication and navigation under water, acoustics, underwater acoustics, marine acoustics, waves in fluids and solids, detection and classification of underwater objects, remote sensing of underwater environments, echo sounder and sonar, noise propagation and impact on ish and marine life

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