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Network and telecommunications

Poul E. Heegaard
communication systems, wireless networks

Torbjørn Svendsen
speech technology and speech recognition, signal handling

John Krogstie
mobile systems, data systems, ICT in the public sector

Andrew Perkis
multimedia, digital TV/cinema, 3D/3DTV, mobile TV, media technology, new digital media, image processing/coding, video/video coding, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), extended reality (XR), experience technology, presence/immersion, quality of experience (QoE), place by design, quality / quality modelling / quality measurements

Alf Inge Wang
mobile technology, computer games, multimedia and interactive media, software

Øivind Kure
protocols and service quality communication systems, internet architecture, wireless networks

Peter Herrmann
developing methods for web-based systems

Harald Øverby
optical network technologies, computer games, ICT business models and cost analyses

Kimmo Kansanen
wireless communications

Thomas Jelle
wireless networks, wireless network security, broadband business models, mobile applications

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