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Norwegian parliamentary election 2017 – The political game

Research on politics, elctions, parties, alliances and positions, Norway and the EU and more.

Torbjørn Lindstrøm Knutsen
foreign politics, international politics, US politics, US elections, The Nobel Peace Prize

Toril Aalberg
media, political parties, opinion polls, elections

Helge Høibraaten
political philosophy, cultural critisism

Anders Todal Jenssen
elections, political parties

Erik Nesset
industrial economics, industrial policy, innovation and economic growth

Bjørn Konrad Rasmussen
theatre (performance, new forms of production), children's culture, pedagogy of fine arts, cultural policy, education policy aesthetic subjects (including the humanities in the universities)

Lise Rye
EU, Norway and EU, history of the European integration process

Jo-Kristian Stræte Røttereng
climate negotiations, climate policy, foreign policy, carbon capture and storage, forest concervation as climate measurements, rainforest

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