Norwegian parliamentary election 2017 – Work

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Norwegian parliamentary election 2017 – Work

Researchers in work and how to create new jobs, conversion, sustainability, innovation, corporate social responsibility, aquaculture, health care, the effects of digitization and more.

Endre Sjøvold
management, change, teams/cross-cultural teams, virtual teams, ICT, project- and high-performance teams, group processes, hospitals, team-performance in in-secure situations, crises and military operations

Roger Sørheim
entrepreneurship, innovation, early phase financing, technology-based business development, technology transfer

Christian Klöckner
choice of transport, environmental investments (electric cars, zero emission homes), energy efficiency, sustainable consumption, reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Siri Granum Carson
ethics, social responsibility

Øystein Widding
entrepreneurship, innovation, early phase financing, technology-based business development, technology transfer

Kristian Steinnes
EU, EU and European integration, Brexit, current affairs in EU/Europe, modern European economic and political history, social democracy, European social democrac

Augustine Arukwe
pollution, hazardous chemicals and fish, birds and frogs, interaction hazardous chemicals and biology, climate change, food safety, hormone, interactione gene, environment and health

Jon Olaf Olaussen
salmon louse, farmed salmon, wild salmon fishing, Norwegian salmon fishermen and views on regulation, fisheries economics, bioeconomics, microeconomics, environmental and resource economics

Anne Stene
disease, welfare and health in salmonids in the sea, spread of infections in the sea/water transport, organization of breeding localities/sustainable operation and management

Anders Grimsmo
patient care, general practitioners scheme, general practice, primary care, community health service, welfare technology, ICT in healthcare (health informatics, medical record, communication)

Alf Steinar Sætre
innovation, entrepreneurship, business models, strategy, innovation in established companies, organizational development, change processes, innovation management, organizations, organization theory, communication in organizations, social media in organizations, ICT, conflict resolution and negotiations

Per Morten Schiefloe
neighbourhood, social networking, organizational culture, social security, networking, social capital

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