Oil and gas

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Oil and gas

Jon Kleppe
oil and gas production, oil and gas in general

Egil Tjåland
oil and gas, geophysics, seismic, virtual reality (VR), CAVE equipment, 3D visualization

May-Britt Hägg
gas, removal of pollutants from gas, technology to address climate issues

Jianying He
nanotechnology, nanomechanics, nano-enabled petroleum engineering

Carlos Alberto Dorao
gas-liquid separation, liquid-liquid separation, production, heat transfer, two-phase flow systems

Sigbjørn Sangesland
oil drilling, subsea (equipment, technology, offshore methods)

Ragnar Torvik
access commodities and political governance, African countries with oil, oil economy, financial crisis, interest rates, inflation, macroeconomics, international economics, economic policy, economics, borrow money

Carl Martin Larsen
fish farming systems, platforms, ships and marine structures, analyses, fatigue and collapse ships and marine structures, waves and stresses in ship structures, pipelines, accidents and collisions at sea, oil spill recovery, offshore wind turbines, wave energy, ocean energy

Ole Torsæter
oil and gas production, oil reservoir engineering, oil sands

Jan Erik Vinnem
oil and gas – all aspects related to major accidents; fire, explosion, collision, capsizing and more

Ingrid Bouwer Utne
ships and oil and gas: safety and operational engineering
fishing and aquaculture: safety and analyses of sustainable technologies

Mary Ann Lundteigen
offshore control systems, offshore security systems, underwater technology

Stein Haugen
industrial risk analyses (offshore, transport, other industries, public sector), large accidents and serious consequences

Johan Sjöblom
chemical industry - oil and gas production

Edd Anders Blekkan
chemical industry - oil refining, methanol, synthetic fuels, biofuels, fertilizers, catalysers

Martin Landrø
geophysics, seismic, oil and gas in general, underground storage of CO2

Cecilia Haskins
systems engineering, sustainability, eco-industrial parks, oil and gas industry, engineering education

Helge Holden
oil reservoir simulation, Abel Prize, applications of mathematics, differential equations, international mathematical organizations

Magnus Langseth
impact on pipelines (offshore), explosive loads, protection against extreme loads, protection, consequences of accidents, disasters/natural disasters and terror, risk and vulnerability analysis, aluminum and aluminum constructions/applications, steel and steel constructions, polymer/plastic materials, lighter structures, structural engineering, lighter vehicles, crash safety, crash testing, pedestrian safety, safer roads, innovation in industry, research-industry interaction

Iurgi Imanol Salaverria-Zabalegui
environmental pollutions (marine toxicology, endocrine disruptors), microplastics, oil, produced water, ocean acidification

Florentina Paraschiv
econometrics of financial markets, financial risk management, liquidity and credit risk, financial regulation, econometrics of electricity, oil and gas markets, quantification of risk in the electricity business, market coupling, allocation of subsidies for renewable electricity, cross-border economic effects, optimization of hydropower production and of thermal electricity generation, assessment of technology risk for energy utilities, renewable energy, power to gas

Jonathon Moses
emigration, manage oil and gas (revenues, companies, workforce, environmental)

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