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Endre Sjøvold
management, change, teams/cross-cultural teams, virtual teams, ICT, project- and high-performance teams, group processes, hospitals, team-performance in in-secure situations, crises and military operations

Per Morten Schiefloe
neighbourhood, social networking, organizational culture, social security, networking, social capital

Elin Kvande
knowledge organizations, time cultures, borderless organizations, multinational organizations, the Norwegian organization model, paternal and parental leave, gender and employment

Alf Steinar Sætre
innovation, entrepreneurship, business models, strategy, innovation in established companies, organizational development, change processes, innovation management, organizations, organization theory, communication in organizations, social media in organizations, ICT, conflict resolution and negotiations

Ingunn Hagen
communication in organizations, children and media, commercialization of childhood, use of media, public, yoga and health

Aksel Tjora
organization and technology, patients and health services, health sociology, telemedicine, communication, interviewing as a research method, cafes, festivals, social media

Marit Christensen
occupational health, positive psychology, positive factors at work, job involvement, healthy organizations, work environment measurement

Siw Tone Innstrand
occupational health, health promotion, work environment, psychosocial work

Aud Obstfelder
health technology, welfare technology, municipal health and care services, humans and technology, organization

Marianne Skinner
innovation in public sector, organization, municipal health and care services

Eirik Irgens
organization, leadership, change management, school leadership

Agnes Bolsø
gender issues: power, sexuality, organizations and business, evolutionary theory (nature-culture), queer theory, green politics

Siri Øyslebø Sørensen
gender in organization and management, gender balance and inclusion in academia, gender and career, gender equality policy, gender quotas, feminism

Ulla Forseth
gender relationships in organizations, work and organization, emotions and emotional work, the Norwegian model in working life and welfare state

Emil Røyrvik
capitalism, professional knowledge work, organization, leadership, management

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