Risks and security

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Risks and security

Vegard Aune
structural engineering, aluminum and aluminum constructions/applications, steel and steel constructions, lightweight structures, physical security and safety, protection of civilian infrastructure, protection against extreme loads, accidental loads, explosive loads, drones as explosive device, vehicle-born improvised explosive device, disasters/natural disasters and terror attacks, wave impact on offshore structures, risk and vulnerability analysis, consequences of accidents, research-industry interaction

Nicola Paltrinieri
Risk analysis, dynamic risk analysis, process safety, management of hazardous substances, consequence analysis, consequence models, machine learning for risk assessment, sensor-based detection, safety barrier management

Ingrid Bouwer Utne
ships and oil and gas: safety, operational engineering
fishing and aquaculture: safety, analyses of sustainable technologies

Magnus Langseth
aluminum and aluminum constructions/applications, steel and steel constructions, polymer/plastic materials, lighter structures, structural engineering, lighter vehicles, crash safety, crash testing, pedestrian safety, safer roads, protection, protection against extreme loads, explosive loads, impact on pipelines (offshore), risk and vulnerability analysis, consequences of accidents, disasters/natural disasters and terror, innovation in industry, research-industry interaction

Jan Hovden
security, societal security

Stein Haugen
industry risk analyses (offshore, transport, other industries, public sector), large accidents and serious consequences

Carl Martin Larsen
fish farming systems, platforms, ships and marine structures, analyses, fatigue and collapse ships and marine structures, waves and stresses in ship structures, pipelines, accidents and collisions at sea, oil spill recovery, offshore wind turbines, wave energy, ocean energy

Torbjørn Rundmo
transport security

Per Morten Schiefloe
neighbourhood, social networking, organizational culture, social security, networking, social capital

Arvid Aakre
traffic engineering, traffic safety, traffic flow, queue and delay, traffic priority and control, environmental issues, traffic modelling and simulation, intelligent transport systems (ITS), road and street design, driver behaviour, efficiency and safety, vehicle technology, road traffic accident analysis and reconstruction

Nils Olsson
project management, property, railway, trains, risks

Bjarne E. Helvik
reliability and fault tolerance in ICT systems, robust and survivable communication networks, network based services

Sverre Quale
risk and security, climate and CO2, management, aviation and railway

Britt-Marie Drottz Sjøberg
radiation: perception and risk communication

Stein-Erik Fleten
economic risk, financial risk, energy market, commodity prices, investments, green certificates and support schemes, electricity market, corporate finance, finance

Kristian Gjøsteen
information security, IT security, IT infrastructure security, cryptography, electronic voting, electronic identification

Gunnar Fermann
security policy, foreign policy, international policy, ISIS/ISIL/IS, environmental policy

Endre Sjøvold
team-performance in in-secure situations - crises - military operations, team/cross-cultural teams, virtual teams, ICT, project- and high-performance teams, management, change, group processes, hospitals

Eirik Albrechtsen
safety, occupational safety, industrial safety, societal safety, risk management

Hanne Rustad
risk communication, health communication, linguistic communication, laughter, politeness

Jan Erik Vinnem
oil and gas – all aspects related to major accidents; fire, explosion, collision, capsizing and more

Peter Andreas Gotsch
urbanization, development, planning, design, social ecology, inclusion, public space, housing, basic services, safety, quality of life, risk mapping, scenario, policy, guidelines, indicators, lessons learnt, «right to the city», sustainable development goals (SDG), new urban agenda (NUA)

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