Roads and traffic

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Roads and traffic

Tor Medalen
roads and traffic, parking, public transport, travel habits, transportation planning, urban development and sustainable urban and regional planning, spatial planning, land use

Arvid Aakre
traffic engineering, traffic safety, traffic flow, queue and delay, traffic priority and control, environmental issues, traffic modelling and simulation, intelligent transport systems (ITS), road and street design, driver behaviour, efficiency and safety, vehicle technology, road traffic accident analysis and reconstruction

Inge Hoff
road building, asphalt, crushed stone and gravel, frost heaves, maintenance and rehabilitation of roads, ground penetrating radar

Ola Svein Stugu
city and regional history, cultural heritage, national identity

Rikke Jørgensen
air particles, indoor climate

Christian Klöckner
choice of transport, environmental investments (electric cars, zero emission homes), energy efficiency, sustainable consumption, reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Alex Klein-Paste
road salting, winter operations of roads and runways, ice crystals

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