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School subjects

Anna Lena Østern
aesthetic subjects: literature, drama and theatre

Hermundur Sigmundsson
reading and math skills, dyslexia, math problems, motor development, motor skills, physical activity, technical skills sports, general learning and skills development, creativity

Mats Harald Andreas Ehrnstrøm
mathematics, innovative education, wave equations and other differential equations

Tone Pernille Østern
arts, dance in schools

Hildegunn Otnes
ICT in schools

Kjersti Wæge
didactics of mathematics

Dag Atle Lysne
continuing and post-graduate education of teachers, competence development, expertise in schools, science (the subject), practical work in science, classroom research, technology and design in schools

John Alexander Strømme
ICT in schools

Per-Odd Eggen
chemistry (the subject), natural science, scientific subject, academically strong pupils

Bård Knutsen
high achieving students, natural science and teaching biology, exploratory teaching natural science, differentiation in schools, teaching outside of schools

Inger Dagrun Langseth
individual evaluations, ICT and subject didactics

Peter van Marion
the sciences

Kjell Atle Halvorsen
ICT in schools, ICT and school management, school management

Jørgen Yri
ICT i Spanish lessons, Spanish, conditions in and relationship between Haiti and Dominical Republic

Egil Galaaen Gjølme
outdoor education, water activities, teacher education, didactics

Lars August Fodstad
Norwegian language in school, curriculums for Norwegian language, textbooks for Norwegian language, literature in school, the Modern Breakthrough in literature, realism in literature

Daniel Schofield
media pedagogy, mediagraphy, media literacy, digital literacy, media «Bildung»

Terje Berg
understanding accounting, financial, accounting scandals, project financial management, startups, digital education tools, business administration

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