Schools and education

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Schools and education

Gunn Imsen
education policy, school and classroom research, teaching and learning, gender equality

Lars Sigfred Evensen
national standards tests in writing, writing, language

May Britt Postholm
pedagogy, teacher education, teaching, classroom management, research and development for teachers and education students, qualitative research method, school development, competence development

Svein Lorentzen
higher education, subject and research communication

Torberg Falch
educational choices, high school dropouts, teacher quality

Bjarne Strøm
educational choices, high school dropouts, teacher quality

Per Egil Mjaavatn
high school dropouts, children /adolescents and physical activity, health, sports, lifestyle and childhood

Eirik Irgens
school management, leadership, change management, organizations

Vidar Gynnild
educational integrity (cheating, plagiarism), sources, graduation, learning and teaching in higher education, evaluation in higher education, quality in higher education

Thomas Dahl
dropping out of school, school research, school development, school management, educational theories

Lise Vikan Sandvik
research on writing, the school and the class room, development, evaluation and innovative learning methods

Bård Knutsen
high achieving students, natural science and teaching biology, exploratory teaching natural science, differentiation in schools, teaching outside of schools

Trond Buland
dropping out of high school, school counselling, gender and educational choice, homework, vocational education and training, school development

Agneta Knutas
formation, folk university college, team teaching, democracy and the Nordic model

Cecilie Haugen
education policy

Borgunn Ytterhus
children/young people and social exclusion and inclusion, disability in childhood, kindergarten, school, children as dependents, children and welfare

Hans Bonesrønning
education policy, development and consequences of school reforms

Hans Petter Ulleberg
school buildings and school environment, education, pupils' socialization and education in schools

Brita Bungum
school, children, family, welfare policy for parents with young children, cash support ("kontantstøtte") and paternity allowance, migration, transnational families, Norwegian welfare policy

Kjell Atle Halvorsen
school management, ICT and school management, ICT in schools

Tor Ivar Hansen
climate history, Little Ice Age, demographic history, famine and mortality history in the 1700s, 1700s and 1800s Norwegian and Nordic history, Scandinavianism and nationalism, knowledge of history, student's history

Carla Chinga-Ramirez
ethnisity, multiculturalism, social inequality, pupils with minority backgrounds, marginalization and discrimination in school, racism

Daniel Schofield
media education, media literacy, media competence, digital competence, media literacy, media experiences and reflection

Vegard Frantzen
media education, media didactics, digital learning resources and learning environment, media literacy and digital skills in education

Mariann Villa
mobility, migration, local communities, rural schools, festival, local culture

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