Expert lists for journalists


Ragnar Torvik
financial crisis, interest rates, inflation, oil economy, macroeconomics, international finance, economic policy, economics, borrow money, access commodities and political governance, African countries with oil

Jon Magnussen
health economics, healthcare reforms, social security, patients and health care

Steinar Westin
general practice, social medicine, communicable diseases, family doctors in the health care system, medical ecology, social security, disability pension, health care, unemployment and health, social inequalities in health

Espen Moe
energy policy, renewable energy, climate policy, USA/American politics and foreign policy, Japan, international politics and foreign policy, international political economy, long-term economic growth, financial crisis

Are Oust
housing bubble, housing price, rental, housing market, rental market, personal finance, torts, real estate development and urban planning, energy labels in the housing market

Jørn Rattsø
international aid, official reports, the Norwegian Productivity Commission

Lars-Erik Borge
The Green Tax Commission, municipal finance, municipal mergers, efficiency in public service delivery, taxes, property taxes, climate and environmental taxes

Roberto Iacono
welfare state economics, social and economic inequalities, Italian economics and politics

Torberg Falch
education choice, high school dropouts, teacher quality

Trond Andresen
digital monetary systems, automation, future societies and employment

Bjarne Strøm
education choice, high school dropouts, teacher quality

Anders Skonhoft
fisheries economics, environmental economics, sustainable economics, economic growth, cost-benefit analyses

Jon Olaf Olaussen
salmon louse, farmed salmon, wild salmon fishing, Norwegian salmon fishermen and views on regulation, fisheries economics, bioeconomics, microeconomics, environmental and resource economics

Hans Bonesrønning
development and consequences of education policy and school reforms

Ingvill Stuvøy
surrogacy, economy and body, gender, sexuality, feminist theory, sociology of the family

Harry Arne Solberg
economic impact of sport and sporting activities: sport and the media, sporting events, sport tourism

Hans Otto Frøland
World War II (WWII), Nordic cooperation, Norway and EU, EU and the European integration, German history, Economic history, history of the aluminum industry

Kirsten Svenja Wiebe
sustainability, environmental and climate change economics, sustainable consumption and production, carbon footprint, environmental footprints, ecological footprints, emissions embodied in international trade, industrial ecology, analysis: input-output, MRIO, scenario, supply chains

Jonathon Moses
emigration, manage oil and gas (revenues, companies, workforce, environmental)

Tag: socioeconomic | municipal finance

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