Sound, noise and acoustics

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Sound, noise and acoustics

Peter Svensson
sound, acoustics, loudspeakers, sound in virtual reality (VR), hearing

Hefeng Dong
underwater acoustics, wave propagation in underwater, acoustic remote sensing

Jens M. Hovem
acoustics, underwater acoustics, marine acoustics, waves in fluids and solids, detection and classification of underwater objects, remote sensing of underwater environments, echo sounder and sonar, communication and navigation under water, noise propagation and impact on fish and marine life

Asbjørn Tiller
sound design, film sound, experimental media expression

Alfonso Rodriguez-Molares
ultrasound, ultrasound image diagnostics, beam shaping, acoustics

Anders-Petter Andersson
interactive music, sound design, musicology, user interaction and music in digital an interactive media, music in computer games, mobile streaming services, welfare technology

Tag: sound | noise | acoustics

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