Sport and training - nutrition and diseases

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Sport and training - nutrition and diseases

Ulrik Wisløff
training and hearth health, training and public health

Jan Helgerud
4x4, interval training, endurance training, strength training, illness and exercise, exercise and sports physiology

Terje Andreas Eikemo
health and mortality, comparative studies of health in many countries (especially European health), social status, welfare, health care utilization, social inequalities and health, work environment and lifestyle (particularly smoking, physical activity, alcohol and diet)

Geir Arild Espnes
training, health promotion, psychology, health psychology, public health, health sciences, health care in third world, global health, poor countries, South Pacific

Øyvind Elllingsen
training with heart/vascular disease, research on heart/vascular disease, biological effects of meditation

Catia Martins
obesity, weight reduction, diet, exercise, bariatric surgery, appetite control, body composition, metabolism

Einar Vedul-Kjelsås
exercise and eating disorders, eating disorders in women and men

Siri Marte Hollekim-Strand
performance nnutrition, exercise/physicall activity and health

Børge Moe
diabetes and physical activity, cardiovascular disease and physical activity

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