Teacher education and pedagogy

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Teacher education and pedagogy

Gunn Imsen
teaching and learning, education policy, school and classroom research, gender equality

Per Ramberg
teacher education

May Britt Postholm
pedagogy, teacher education, teaching, classroom management, research and development for teachers and education students, qualitative research method, school development, competence development

Anna Lena Östern
aesthetic subjects: literature, drama and theatre

Vidar Gynnild
educational integrity (cheating, plagiarism), sources, graduation, learning and teaching in higher education, evaluation in higher education, quality in higher education

Bent Olsen
pedagogy and education for preschool, kindergarten and primary school, preschools and kindergartens, lifestyle

Thomas Dahl
dropping out of school, school research, school development, school management, educational theories

Patrick Kermit
disability, hearing impairment, deafness, sign language, Cochlear implants (CI), special education, children and youth, inclusion, bioethics, medical ethics, professional ethics, sign language interpretation, rule of law

May Britt Drugli
teacher-student relationships, preschool and kindergarten, small children in preschool and kindergarten

Lise Vikan Sandvik
research on writing, the school and the class room, development, evaluation and innovative learning methods

Hans Petter Ulleberg
education, school buildings and school environment, pupils' socialization and education in schools

Dag Atle Lysne
continuing and post-graduate education of teachers, competence development, expertise in schools, science (the subject), practical work in science, classroom research, technology and design in schools

Inger Dagrun Langseth
individual evaluations, ICT and subject didactics

Klara Rokkones
vocational education

Ragnhild Liland
multicultural school, majority and minorities

Kjersti Wæge
didactics of mathematics

Henning Fjørtoft
teaching, reading and writing skills, basic skills in school, pupil assessment, grades, Nordic literature

Kari Berg
pedagogy, teacher and vulnerable groups of pupils, school and child welfare

Trond Buland
dropping out of high school, school counselling, gender and educational choice, homework, vocational education and training, school development

Egil Galaaen Gjølme
outdoor education, paddling, swimming, life saving, teacher education, didactics

Bård Knutsen
high achieving students, natural science and teaching biology, exploratory teaching natural science, differentiation in schools, teaching outside of schools

Ove Østerlie
flipped learning (flipped classroom)

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