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United Kingdom and English

Gary Love
British history, culture and politics, Brexit

Annjo Klungervik Greenall
English, English as world language, translate English, English in Norwegian popular music, song lyrics and translations, subtitles in films and television

Kristian Steinnes
EU, EU and European integration, Brexit, current affairs in EU/Europe, modern European economic and political history, social democracy, European social democracy

Brit Kirsten Mæhlum
Norwegian dialects and dialect changes, English influence in the Norwegian language, the status of the English language in Norway, minority–majority language, «proper» language

Eivind Nessa Torgersen
English in London, multicultural English in London, dialects in contact, language variation and change, phonetics, multilingualism, youth language

Anne Dahl
English: learning, in Norway, in the school, as an international communication language – language learning, language acquisition, multilingualism

Randi Bjørshol Wærdahl
Viking and Middle Ages: Saga, political factors, Norway's relationship to the islands to the West and Scotland, Lady Ingerd to Austrått

Karin Dyrstad
peace process, civil war, rebuilding after conflict, Guatemala, Nepal, Northern Ireland

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