Urban development

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Urban development

Tor Medalen
roads and traffic, parking, public transport, travel habits, transportation planning, urban development and sustainable urban and regional planning, spatial planning, land use

Inge Hoff
road building, asphalt, crushed stone and gravel, frost heaves, maintenance and rehabilitation of roads, ground penetrating radar

Ola Svein Stugu
city and regional history, cultural heritage, national identity

Hans Narve Skotte
architecture and society, slum and urban planning/urban development in Global South, international aid, development and development actors, reconstruction after war and natural disasters -
The Balkans, Bosnia, the Bosnian War 1992-1995, the reconstruction

Markus Schwai
urban design, urban planning, typologies (architectural forms and building types), architect's involvement

Torbjørn Rundmo
transport safety

Arvid Aakre
traffic engineering, traffic safety, traffic flow, queue and delay, traffic priority and control, environmental issues, traffic modelling and simulation, intelligent transport systems (ITS), road and street design, driver behaviour, efficiency and safety, vehicle technology, road traffic accident analysis and reconstruction

Helge Brattebø
sustainability, industrial ecology, bioenergy and biofuels, energy and energy efficiency, environmental analysis, LCA (life cycle assessment), MFA (material flow analysis), water and wastewater, water management, energy in buildings, urban infrastructure

Axel Christophersen
archaeology in historical times/the Middle Ages and modern time, urbanization and urban development in the Middle Ages and early modern time, archaeology and ancient history of Trondheim, medieval material culture (residential, cityscape, commerce, crafts and more), cultural heritage in conflict areas/international cultural heritage, medieval health and the history of medicine

Nina Holck Sandberg
sustainability, industrial ecology, inclusion, environmental analysis, building stock modelling, building stock energy analysis, neighbourhood energy analysis, energy and energy efficiency, urban development

Peter Andreas Gotsch
urbanization, development, planning, design, social ecology, inclusion, public space, housing, basic services, safety, quality of life, risk mapping, scenario, policy, guidelines, indicators, lessons learnt, «right to the city», sustainable development goals (SDG), new urban agenda (NUA)

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