Viking Age and Middle Ages

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Viking Age and Middle Ages

Erik Opsahl
European, Nordic and Norwegian Middle Ages (particularly late Middle Ages and the 1500s), political and administrative history, national identity, nobility and aristrocracy, migration in ancient times

Marek Thue Kretschmer
Classical and Romance languages and literatures, medieval literature

Axel Christophersen
archaeology in historical times/the Middle Ages and modern time, urbanization and urban development in the Middle Ages and early modern time, archaeology and ancient history of Trondheim, medieval material culture (residential, cityscape, commerce, crafts and more), cultural heritage in conflict areas/international cultural heritage, medieval health and the history of medicine, museums

Jon Anders Risvaag
coins and coin discoveries, means of payment, history of money, museum collections

Ivar Berg
Norwegian and general history of language, Old Norse

Margrethe C. Stang
Middle Ages: history of art, painting and sculpture (Medieval art), Olaf II of Norway (Olav den Hellige) in visual arts

Margrete Helen Syrstad Andås
Middle Ages: Nidaros Cathedral, churches, stave churches, architecture, art, art in the nave, dating of objects, religion, liturgy, rituals, cultural practices, women in visual arts

Randi Bjørshol Wærdahl
Viking and Middle Ages: Saga, political factors, Norway's relationship to the islands to the West and Scotland, Lady Ingerd to Austrått

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