Wars and natural disasters

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Wars and natural disasters

Jo Jakobsen
international politics, interstate conflict and war, power politics, foreign policy of the U.S., Russia and NATO, foreign policy of China, Syria and Middle East, IS and al-Qaida

Karin Dyrstad
peace process, civil war, rebuilding after conflict, Guatemala, Nepal, Northern Ireland

Ragnhild Lund
conflict and reconstruction after wars and natural disasters, women in the global south, international aid

Jan Ketil Rød
social and physical vulnerability to natural disasters, maps, geographic information systems, virtual reality (VR)

Hans Otto Frøland
World War II (WWII), Nordic cooperation, Norway and EU, EU and the European integration, German history, Economic history, history of the aluminum industry

Indra de Soysa
war and peace, human rights, globalization, international aid

Hans Narve Skotte
reconstruction after war and natural disasters, international aid, development and development actors, slum and urban planning/urban development in Global South, architecture and society -
The Balkans, Bosnia, the Bosnian War 1992-1995, the reconstruction

Håkon Angell Bolkan
Ebola, Sierra Leone, humanitarian aid, global health, global surgery, health in wars and catastrophes, malaria

Charles Butcher
war/protest, non violently protest and democratization

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