Water and sewer

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Water and sewer

Sveinung Sægrov
drinking water, water supply, sewer, floods

Ole Gunnar Dahlhaug
pipes and pipe networks, pumping stations, hydroelectric power stations, hydro turbines, flow, ocean energy, wind turbines

Torbjørn K. Nielsen
pumps and pumping systems, pipes and pipe networks, flows, hydroelectric power

Helge Brattebø
sustainability, industrial ecology, bioenergy and biofuels, energy and energy efficiency, environmental analysis, LCA (life cycle assessment), MFA (material flow analysis), water and wastewater, water management, energy in buildings, urban infrastructure

Razak Seidu
hydraulic and environmental engineering

Stein Wold Østerhus
drinking water, water supply, sewage treatment

Francesca Verones
sustainability, industrial ecology, environmental analysis, life cycle analysis, environmental footprint, ecological footprint, water and wastewater/sewer

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