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Work and working life

Svein Ingar Kaldal
work, working life, daily working life in recent times, working environment, power in the working life, harassment and authoritarian bosses, culture related to forest and nature

Steinar Westin
social security, disability pension, health care, unemployment and health, social inequalities in health, social medicine, general practice, family doctors in the health care system, medical ecology

Terje Andreas Eikemo
health and mortality, comparative studies of health in many countries (especially European health), social status, welfare, health care utilization, social inequalities and health, work environment and lifestyle (particularly smoking, physical activity, alcohol and diet)

Kurt Idar Løkke Elvegård
violence in the workplace, client violence, management of challenging behaviour

Marit Christensen
occupational health, positive psychology, positive factors at work, job involvement, healthy organizations, work environment measurement

Siw Tone Innstrand
occupational health, health promotion, work environment, psychosocial work

Endre Sjøvold
management, change, teams/cross-cultural teams, virtual teams, ICT, project- and high-performance teams, group processes, hospitals, team-performance in in-secure situations, crises and military operations

Eirik Albrechtsen
safety, occupational safety, industrial safety, societal safety, risk management

Eva Langvik
personality, personality testing, test methods, psychometrics, occupational selection

Fay Giæver
work and organizational psychology, emotions in the workplace, processes of change, facilitation, interventions

Berit Gullikstad
migration: immigration and working life, integration, welfare services, politics
gender: gender and working life (historical and present), gender, ethnicity and sexuality in labour organizations, gender equality

Siri Øyslebø Sørensen
gender in organization and management, gender balance and inclusion in academia, gender and career, gender equality policy, gender quotas, feminism

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