IPCC Reports - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

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IPCC Reports - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

The NTNU experts below contributes or have contributed to reports from the IPCC - Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Francesco Cherubini
IPCC sixth assessment report (Lead Author in the Special Report on Climate Change and Land in Chapter 6: Interlinkages between desertification, land degradation, food security and GHG fluxes: synergies, trade-offs and integrated response options and Contributing Author in Chapter 2: Land-Climate interactions), IPCC 5th Assessment Report (Contributing Author in the Working Group 3 report in Chapter 7: Energy Systems and 11: Agriculture, Forestry and Other Land Use).  Other key words: bioenergy, biofuels, sustainability, industrial ecology, climate and CO2, environmental analysis, life cycle analysis (LCA), area planning. 

Edgar Hertwich
IPCC fifth assessment report (Lead author Working Group 3 in the energy chapter and Annex III, Contributing Auhor: Summary for Policy Makers and Technical Summary). Other key words: sustainability, energy, climate and CO2, life cycle analysis (LCA), carbon footprints, electric cars, pollution, sustainable consumption and production, global supply chains, industrial ecology, energy policies, energy sources, energy use, climate emissions from material production, circular economy, resource efficiency

Daniel Beat Müller
IPCC fifth assessment report (Lead Author Working Group 3 on chapter Human Settlements, Infrastructure, and Spatial Planning and on Annex III). Other key words: sustainability, climate, circular economy, resource efficiency, security in supply chains, urban development, food, transport, buildings, transdisciplinarity, socio-economic metabolism, system analysis, material flow analysis at company/site, urban, regional, national, and global levels.

Helene Muri
IPCC sixth assessment report (Contributing Author for Working Group 1 in chapter 6: Short-lived climate forcers and in Working Group 3 in chapter 10: Transport).  Other key words: maritime transport, climate models, clouds, aerosols, geoengineering, bioenergy and carbon cycle.

Anders Hammer Strømman
IPCC sixth assessment report  (Lead Author chapter 10: Transport), IPCC fifth assessment report  (co-author chapter 8: Transport). Other key words: sustainability, food production, energy,bio energy, wind, solar cells, carbon capture and storage (CCS), transport, electric cars, hybrid cars, fuel cells, biofuel, international transport, international trade and environment, industrial ecology, climate and CO2, environmental analysis.

Andrea Tilche
IPCC EU Delegation (head of IPCC EU delegation 2010-2018), IPCC 5th Assessment report (coordinator), The Special Report on Global Warming of 1.5 °C - SR15 (coordinator). Other key words: wastewater treatment, animal waste management, anaerobic processes, combined processes for nutrient removal from wastewater.


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