Laboratories at NTNU

NTNU Nanolab

NTNU has more than 120 large and small laboratories, many of which are national resources. Most of the laboratories are used in teaching as well as research. NTNU and SINTEF have a formal agreement to jointly operate several of the laboratories. Business and others can buy laboratory services. You are welcome to contact the individual laboratory.

Faculty of Architecture and Design

Faculty of Engineering

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Faculty of Social and Education Sciences

NTNU University Museum

Faculty of Architecture and Design

Daylight Laboratory 


Media technology Lab

Room Laboratory

Faculty of Engineering

Virtual Reality Laboratory

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Driving Simulator

Geotechnical Laboratory

Fatigue and Durability

Fourier Transform InfraRed spectrometer

Geotechnical engineering labs


Humidity lab

Hydraulic Laboratories

Hydraulic Research Hall

Hydrological Field Stations


Humidity Laboratory


FTIR Spectroscopy

Voll testing station

Water Analysis Laboratory

Wind stress testing

Water Treatment Laboratories

Department of Energy and Process Engineering

Bioenergy lab

Dewatering Engineering lab

Fluid Mechanics lab

Field Station Frøya

Heat Engineering lab

Indoor Environment lab

Motor lab

Multiphase Flow lab

Refrigeration Engineering lab

Separation and Heat Transfer lab

Solar Simulator lab

Thermal Two-Phase Flow lab

Turbulent Combustion lab

Water Power lab

Wet Gas Compression lab

Department of Geoscience and Environmental Engineering

Chemical/Mineralogical Laboratory

Petrographic- and Ore Microscopy Laboratory

Electron microscopy (EM) Laboratory

Mineral processing Laboratory

Thin Section Laboratory

Geological Engineering Laboratory

Rock Mechanics Laboratory

Rock Magnetic Laboratory

Department of Manufacturing and Civil Engineering

Additive Manufacturing (in Norwegian)

Geomatics lab

Norwegian Research Laboratory for Universal Design

Department of Marine Technology

AquaCulture Engineering (ACE)

Applied Underwater Robotics Laboratory (AUR-Lab)

Circulating Water Tunnel (CWT)

Cavitation Laboratory

F/F Gunnerus

Hybrid Power Laboratory

Marine Cybernetics Laboratory (MCLab)

Marine HIL simulation laboratory (HIL-lab)

Marine Structures Laboratory

Machinery Laboratory

Ocean Basin Laboratory

Ship Towing Tanks

SINTEF Fisheries and Aquaculture flume tank

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Laboratory (UAV-lab)

Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Corrosion Laboratory

Mechanical Testing Laboratory

Mechatronic Laboratory

Metallography Laboratory

Nanomechanical Laboratory

Polymers and Composites Laboratory

Prototype Laboratory

Realization Laboratory

Tribology Laboratory



Labs at the Department of Production and Quality Engineering

Environmental Gas Management Research Infrastructure

Measurements Laboratory

Production Laboratory (Knowledge Discovery Laboratory)

Robot Laboratory

Department of Ocean Operations and Civil Engineering


Mechatronics Lab

Ship Design and Operations Lab

Towing Tank

Department of Structural Engineering

Biomechanics laboratory (in Norwegian)

Concrete laboratories (in Norwegian)

Fracture mechanics laboratory (in Norwegian)

Material and Construction Research laboratory (in Norwegian)

Nanomechanical Lab

Testing hall (in Norwegian)

Structural Impact Laboratory (SIMLab)

Wood Technology lab (in Norwegian)

Faculty of Humanities

Department of Language and Literature

Phonetics Laboratory

Psycholinguistics and Neurolinguistics Lab

Faculty of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering

National Smart Grid Laboratory

Norwegian Biometrics Laboratory – NISLab

Norwegian Information and Security Lab – NISLab

Norwegian Media Technology Laboratory – MTL

Telenor-NTNU AI-lab

Visualization Laboratory

Department of Computer Science

Color and Visual Computing Lab

Computer Design Lab

Database Cluster

Heterogenous and Parallel Computing Lab

Maker Space

Norwegian Color and Visual Computing Lab

Technology Enhanced Lifelong Learning

Trajectory Lab

User Experience Lab

Wireless Trondheim

Department of Electronic Systems

Antenna Laboratory

Biomedical optics

Circuit characterization

Great Hall of Acoustics

Heterodyne Interferometry

Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE)

Network Analyzer Laboratory (ANA-lab)

Roof Laboratory

Sputter «Thin Film»

Department of Electric Power Engineering

Cell divided high voltage laboratory

ELA High Voltage laboratory

Electrical machines laboratory

High current and heating laboratory

High current / circuit breaker laboratory

Power electronics laboratory

Department of Engineering Cybernetics

Applied Underwater Robotics Laboratory (AUR-Lab)

Euromotor Laboratory

Gait Lab på St. Olavs Hospital

R/V Gunnerus, the research vessel

Industrial Robotics Laboratory

Marine Cybernetics Laboratory (MCLab)

NTNU Sealab

Snake Robotics Laboratory

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Lab (UAV-lab)

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Norwegian Metacenter for Computational Science (NOTUR)

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Comparative Medicine Core Facility (CoMED)

Unit for Applied Clinical Research

Medisinsk SimulatorSenter (in Norwegian)

NeXt Move

Operating Room for the Future (FOR) (in Norwegian)

Department of Cancer Research and Molecular Medicine

Bioinformatics Core Facility (BioCore)

Cellular and Molecular Imaging Core Facility (CMIC)

Genomics Core Facility (GCF)

Proteomics and Metabolomics Core Facility (PROMEC)

Centre of Molecular Inflammation Research (CEMIR) Laboratories

Department of Circulation and Medical Imaging

MR Core Facility

Ultralydlaboratorium (in Norwegian)

Department of Laboratory Medicine, Children's and Women's Health

Electron Microscopy Laboratory

Department of Public Health and Nursing

HUNT Biobank Laboratory

Department of Neuromedicine and Movement Science

Motor Skills Laboratory

Faculty of Natural Sciences

Fine Mechanical Workshop (in Norwegian)

Glassblowing Workshop (in Norwegian)

R/V Gunnerus

NMR – Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Laboratory 

NorFab – Norwegian Micro- and Nanofabrication Facility

NTNU Nanolab

NTNU Sealab

RECX – Norwegian Centre for X-ray Diffraction, Scattering and Imaging

Department of Biotechnology and Food Science

Food Technology Laboratory

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Laboratory

Department of Physics

Centre for Molecular Imaging

TEM Gemini Centre

Soft and Complex Matter

X-ray Scattering

Department of Chemistry 

Mass Spectrometry Laboratory

Inductively Coupled Plasma-High Resolution Mass Spectrometer Lab

Department of Chemical Engineering

Ugelstad Laboratory

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

X-ray Powder Diffraction

Faculty of Social and Education Sciences

Department of Psychology

Developmental Neuroscience Laboratory

The Clinical Neuroscience Laboratory

Department of Teacher Education


NTNU University Museum

Conservation Laboratory

The National Laboratory for Age Determination

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