The Onsager Fellowship Programme

The Onsager Fellowship Programme

Onsager Fellowship Programme, banner

The Onsager Fellowship Programme is designed to recruit young, internationally recognized researchers to strengthen the university's academic community.

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Lars Onsager

Lars Onsager

Lars Onsager, photo.The Onsager Fellowship programme is named after the Norwegian-American chemist and physicist Lars Onsager (1903–1976) (Wikipedia)

He received a Ch.E. degree from the Norwegian Institute of Technology, that later became NTNU, in 1925. In 1968 he received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for work done in 1931 on irreversible thermodynamics.

The Onsager Fellows

The Onsager Fellows

Fellows row 1

Erin Bachynski, photo.Erin Bachynski

Marine Structures for the Future – Marine Technology

Chiara Bertolin, photo.Chiara Bertolin

Zero Emission Refurbishment of the Built Environment

Charles Butcher, photo.Charles Butcher

Economics of Natural Resources and Quantitative Peace Research

Jeroen Danon, photo.Jeroen Danon

Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics 

Fellows row 2

R. Jason Hearst, photo.R. Jason Hearst

Environmental and Applied Turbulence

Stefan Geiss, photo.Stefan Geiss

Public Opinion Formation in a Transforming Media Environment

Richard Kumaran Kandasamy, photo.Richard Kumaran Kandasamy

Medicine – Systems Biology

Josef Kiendl, photo.Josef Kiendl

Marine Structures for the Future – Marine Technology

Fellows row 3

Ekaterina Kim, photo.Ekaterina Kim

Risk-based marine systems design for Arctic operations


Dave Kush, photoDave Kush


Barbara van LoonBarbara van Loon

Medicine – Molecular Biology

Michael David Martin, photo.Michael David Martin

Evolutionary Genomics of Natural History Collections

Fellows row 4

Dennis Meier, photo.Dennis Meier

Inorganic or Hybrid Functional Materials

Jonas Moeck

Modeling and control of unsteady phenomena in thermo-fluid systems

Nicola Paltrinieri, photo.Nicola Paltrinieri

Risk Assessment

Annette Stahl, photo.Annette Stahl

Robotic Vision


Fellows row 5

Francisco J. Beltrán Tapia, photo.Francisco J. Beltrán Tapia

Institutions and economic development in historical perspective

Martin Wagner, photo.Martin Wagner

Plastics, the environment & health

Xu Wang, photo.Xu Wang

Complex Brunn-Minkowski theory