Researchers' Grand Prix 2019

Who will be Norway’s best Research Communicator 2019?

The regional finals in Trondheim and the national finals of the The Researchers’ Grand Prix 2019 will take place in September.

A lot will happen during these months. Keep up to date!

NTNU’s ten participants about their theme in the competition and about themselves

(in Norwegian)

Participants Researchers’ Grand Prix 2019, photo

First row from the left:
Gunn-Berit Sæther, Inger Berge Hagen, Lone Sunniva Jevne, Ingeborg Treu Røe, Mogahid Osman

Second row from the left:
Christian Schulz, Børge Heggen Johansen, Daniel Vethe, Håvard Takle Lindholm, Ola Gjønnes Grendal

Researchers’ Grand Prix 2019 – promo video

Video at YouTube. NTNU’s participants in Researchers’ Grand Prix 2018 about why they joined the competition and what they learned from communicating their research to an audience.

Researchers’ Grand Prix 2018 – finals in Tromsø

Researchers’ Grand Prix, participants in the finals in Tromsø

Congratulations to winner Ben David Normann, University of Stavanger, in the finals 29 September 2018 in Tromsø!

NTNU’s participants were Tina Louise Ringstad and Anders Lorentzen Kolstad, number one og nummer to from the regional finals in Trondheim.

More photos from the finals (Flickr)
Photo: David Jensen / UiT

Watch a recording of the finals in Tromsø

Researchers’ Grand Prix 2018 – regionals finals in Trondheim

Pro-Rector for Innovation Toril A. Nagelhus Hernes and Tina Louise Ringstad

Anders Lorentzen Kolstad and Tina Louise Ringstad

Participants at the Researchers' Grand Prix in Trondheim

The Researchers' Grand Prix was held 27 September at Byscenen i Trondheim.

Congratulations to winner Tina Louise Ringstad at the Department of Language and Literature, and to Anders Lorentzen Kolstad at the Department of Natural History who took the second place. 

Pro-Rector for Innovation Toril A. Nagelhus Hernes congratulated and awarded the prize to Tina.

More photos from the finals at Byscenen (Flickr)
Photo: Thor Nielsen/NTNU

Watch the finals at Byscenen: NRK Kunnskapskanalen 5 January 2019

Researchers' Grand Prix, logo






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Previous finals

Researchers' Grand Prix 2018 (in Norwegian)
Tina Louise Ringstad, NTNU, won in Trondheim
Ben David Normann, UiS, won the finals in Tromsø

Researchers' Grand Prix 2017 (in Norwegian)
Axel Karl Gottfrid Nyman, NTNU, won in Trondheim
Torbjørn Øygard Skodvin, UiT, won the finals in Trondheim

Researchers' Grand Prix 2016 (in Norwegian)
Sofie Snipstad, NTNU, won in Trondheim
and the finals in Bergen

Researchers' Grand Prix 2015 (in Norwegian)
Armend Gazmeno Haati, NTNU, won in Trondheim
Cecilie G. Gjerde, UiB, won the finals in Trondheim

Researchers' Grand Prix 2014 (in Norwegian)
Arne Skulberg, NTNU, won in Trondheim
and the finals in Oslo

Researchers' Grand Prix 2013 (in Norwegian)
Eirik Bøckmann, NTNU, won in Trondheim
Silja T. Griffiths, UiB, won the finals in Oslo

Researchers' Grand Prix 2012 (in Norwegian)
Hanne Nøvik, NTNU, won in Trondheim
Kajsa Møllersen, UiT, won the finals in Tromsø

Researchers' Grand Prix 2011 (in Norwegian)
Siv Gøril Brandtzæg, NTNU, won in Trondheim
Audun Hetland, UiT, won the finals in Bergen

Researchers' Grand Prix 2010 (in Norwegian)
Ida Aglen, NTNU, won in Trondheim
and the finals in Bergen

About Researchers’ Grand Prix

Researchers' Grand Prix is a fun, exciting and educational competition in research communication for PhD Candidates.

Several universities will host regional Researchers' Grand Prix competitions. The best research communicators selected in these regional competitions will meet in the national finals. The winner is then crowned as Norway’s best research communicator.

  • 10 PhD Candidates at NTNU meet in the regional finals in Trondheim.
  • They are offered coaching and time to practice until the regional finals.
  • During this time, the participants learn to craft two short presentations on an aspect of their research.
  • During the shows, the participants have their chance to convince the audience and a panel of judges about their communication skills.
  • After each performance, the judges give each of the contestants immediate feedback and a score, and the audience vote.
  • The participants in the regional and national finals have four exciting minutes to excite and engage the audience and the judges.