Researchers' Grand Prix 2020


Researchers' Grand Prix 2020

Researchers' Grand Prix 2020

Researchers' Grand Prix is a passionate, fun, eventful competition focused on research communication.

Researcher's Grand Prix puts the spotlight on research communication, and helps to highlight the breadth of Norwegian research at the PhD level.

NTNU's ten competitors for the 2020 Researchers' Grand Prix

NTNU's particpants in Researchers' Prix 2020. Photo collage with the Main Building in the background
Photo: Julie Gloppe Solem (participants), Mentz Indergaard (the Main Building), Kolbjørn Skarpnes (graphics) / NTNU

Top row from the left: Vanja Buvik, Martin Wohlwend, Julia Schulz, Håkon Magnar Skogstad, Caroline Fredriksen. Second row from the left: Veronica Hammer Hjellnes, Vilde Bråten, Torhild Anita Søndergaard, Jacob Hadler-Jacobsen, Frida Paulsen Danmo.

More about NTNU's 10 competitors (in Norwegian)

Read more about the research topics each candidate has selected for the competition, and a brief biography of each. The presentations are in Norwegian.

Researchers' Grand Prix 2020 Regional Finals

Byscenen in Trondheim at Thursday 24 September 2020.

Each participant has four minutes to present their research to a panel of judges and the public. Competitors are judged based on the quality of the presentation, and its structure and content. The audience first casts their votes electronically, after which three judges — one from academia, one from journalism / media and one from the performing arts  — award points based on their area of expertise.

The two best participants in the regional finals will advance to the national finals, where they compete with the two best regional finalists from Norway's other universities.

Researchers' Grand Prix 2020 National Finals

Byscenen in Trondheim at Saturday 26 September 2020.

The national finals are conducted exactly like the regional finals. 

The winner is crowned Norway's best research communicator!

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Researchers' Grand Prix previous years

Previous finals

Researchers’ Grand Prix 2019 (in Norwegian)
Daniel Vethe, NTNU, won i Trondheim
and the finals in Stavanger

Researchers' Grand Prix 2018 (in Norwegian)
Tina Louise Ringstad, NTNU, won in Trondheim
Ben David Normann, UiS, won the finals in Tromsø

Researchers' Grand Prix 2017 (in Norwegian)
Axel Karl Gottfrid Nyman, NTNU, won in Trondheim
Torbjørn Øygard Skodvin, UiT, won the finals in Trondheim

Researchers' Grand Prix 2016 (in Norwegian)
Sofie Snipstad, NTNU, won in Trondheim
and the finals in Bergen

Researchers' Grand Prix 2015 (in Norwegian)
Armend Gazmeno Haati, NTNU, won in Trondheim
Cecilie G. Gjerde, UiB, won the finals in Trondheim

Researchers' Grand Prix 2014 (in Norwegian)
Arne Skulberg, NTNU, won in Trondheim
and the finals in Oslo

Researchers' Grand Prix 2013 (in Norwegian)
Eirik Bøckmann, NTNU, won in Trondheim
Silja T. Griffiths, UiB, won the finals in Oslo

Researchers' Grand Prix 2012 (in Norwegian)
Hanne Nøvik, NTNU, won in Trondheim
Kajsa Møllersen, UiT, won the finals in Tromsø

Researchers' Grand Prix 2011 (in Norwegian)
Siv Gøril Brandtzæg, NTNU, won in Trondheim
Audun Hetland, UiT, won the finals in Bergen

Researchers' Grand Prix 2010 (in Norwegian)
Ida Aglen, NTNU, won in Trondheim
and the finals in Bergen

Here's how the competition works

About Researchers’ Grand Prix

Researchers' Grand Prix is a fun, exciting and educational competition in research communication for PhD Candidates.

Most Norwegian universities will host regional Researchers' Grand Prix competitions. The best research communicators selected in these regional competitions will meet in the national finals. The winner is then crowned Norway’s best research communicator.

  • 10 NTNU PhD candidates will compete in the regional finals in Trondheim.
  • They are offered coaching and time to practice until the regional finals.
  • During this time, the participants learn to craft two short presentations on one aspect of their research.
  • During the shows, the participants have a chance to convince the audience and a panel of judges that their communication skills are the best.
  • After each performance, the judges give each of the contestants immediate feedback and a score. The audience also votes electronically.
  • The participants in the regional and national finals have four exciting minutes to engage the audience and the judges.