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Researchers' Grand Prix

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Daniel Vethe won the Researchers’ Grand Prix 2019

Daniel Vethe won the Researchers’ Grand Prix 2019

Daniel Vethe vant FGP 2019. Foto: Yngve Vogt/UiO

Daniel Vethe, Department of Mental Health, NTNU, was awarded as Norway’s best research facilitator in the national finals of Researchers’ Grand Prix 2019.

Daniel Vethe, NTNU, vant FGP 2019. Foto: Mari Løvås/UiS

Photo: Mari Løvås/UiS

– It was incredible, and it was very fun to participate. Also it was amazing to be allowed to tell about my research. I think it is especially important to tell about our job with patients that have serious mental disorders, said Daniel Vethe after the exited and impressed jury had awarded the winner.

Daniel about his research and his topic in Researchers’ Grand Prix: Light and sleep (in Norwegian).

The jury’s reasons (in Norwegian) in the finals of Researchers’ Grand Prix 2019 that took plance in Stavanger Saturday 28 September.

Daniel Vethe and Ola Gjønnes Grendal from NTNU participated in the national finals in Stavanger.

Rector Klaus Mohn, UiS, awarded the price. TV-host Solveig Kloppen hosted the show. The jury: Kristin Danielsen (academia) from the Research Council of Norway, NRK journalist Vibeke Røiri (media) and theater director Glenn André Kaada (performing arts).

Photos from the finals at Stavangern in Stavanger, 28 September 2019 (Flickr)

Photos from the regional finals at Byscenen in Trondheim, 26 September 2019 (Flickr)

Winner of the regionals finals in Trondheim

Winner of the regionals finals in Trondheim

Prorektor for nyskaping Toril A. Nagelhus Hernes og Daniel Vethe. Foto.

Daniel Vethe og Ola Gjønnes Grendal. Foto

Deltakere Forsker Grand Prix i Trondheim. Foto.

The regional finals of the Researchers' Grand Prix 2019 was held 26 September at Byscenen in Trondheim.

The winner was Daniel Vethe, Department of Mental Health, NTNU. His research is about light and sleep.

Number two in the competition was Ola Gjønnes Grendal, Department of Material Science and Engineering, NTNU. His research is about bees and food produksjon.


Both Daniel and Ola will participate in the national finals in Stavanger.

NTNU’s Pro-Rector for Innovation Toril A. Nagelhus Hernes awarded the price. Communications Director at SINTEF Industri Stein Mortensholm hosted the show at Byscenen.

Photos from the regional finals at Byscenen (Flickr)

FGP 2019

NTNU’s ten participants about their theme in the competition and about themselves

(in Norwegian)

Participants Researchers’ Grand Prix 2019, photo

First row from the left:
Gunn-Berit Sæther, Inger Berge Hagen, Lone Sunniva Jevne, Ingeborg Treu Røe, Mogahid Osman

Second row from the left:
Christian Schulz, Børge Heggen Johansen, Daniel Vethe, Håvard Takle Lindholm, Ola Gjønnes Grendal

FGP logo

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Researchers' Grand Prix previous years

Previous finals

Researchers’ Grand Prix 2019 (in Norwegian)
Daniel Vethe, NTNU, won i Trondheim
and the finals in Stavanger

Researchers' Grand Prix 2018 (in Norwegian)
Tina Louise Ringstad, NTNU, won in Trondheim
Ben David Normann, UiS, won the finals in Tromsø

Researchers' Grand Prix 2017 (in Norwegian)
Axel Karl Gottfrid Nyman, NTNU, won in Trondheim
Torbjørn Øygard Skodvin, UiT, won the finals in Trondheim

Researchers' Grand Prix 2016 (in Norwegian)
Sofie Snipstad, NTNU, won in Trondheim
and the finals in Bergen

Researchers' Grand Prix 2015 (in Norwegian)
Armend Gazmeno Haati, NTNU, won in Trondheim
Cecilie G. Gjerde, UiB, won the finals in Trondheim

Researchers' Grand Prix 2014 (in Norwegian)
Arne Skulberg, NTNU, won in Trondheim
and the finals in Oslo

Researchers' Grand Prix 2013 (in Norwegian)
Eirik Bøckmann, NTNU, won in Trondheim
Silja T. Griffiths, UiB, won the finals in Oslo

Researchers' Grand Prix 2012 (in Norwegian)
Hanne Nøvik, NTNU, won in Trondheim
Kajsa Møllersen, UiT, won the finals in Tromsø

Researchers' Grand Prix 2011 (in Norwegian)
Siv Gøril Brandtzæg, NTNU, won in Trondheim
Audun Hetland, UiT, won the finals in Bergen

Researchers' Grand Prix 2010 (in Norwegian)
Ida Aglen, NTNU, won in Trondheim
and the finals in Bergen

The competition works like this

About Researchers’ Grand Prix

Researchers' Grand Prix is a fun, exciting and educational competition in research communication for PhD Candidates.

Several universities will host regional Researchers' Grand Prix competitions. The best research communicators selected in these regional competitions will meet in the national finals. The winner is then crowned as Norway’s best research communicator.

  • 10 PhD Candidates at NTNU meet in the regional finals in Trondheim.
  • They are offered coaching and time to practice until the regional finals.
  • During this time, the participants learn to craft two short presentations on an aspect of their research.
  • During the shows, the participants have their chance to convince the audience and a panel of judges about their communication skills.
  • After each performance, the judges give each of the contestants immediate feedback and a score, and the audience vote.
  • The participants in the regional and national finals have four exciting minutes to excite and engage the audience and the judges.