The Fifth Conference of the Scandinavian Association for Language and Cognition

NTNU main building

About the conference


The Fifth Conference of the Scandinavian Association for Language and Cognition (SALC V) took place in Trondheim, August 19–21, 2015, and was hosted by The Norwegian University of Science & Technology (NTNU).

The conference was organized by the Scandinavian Association for Language and Cognition (SALC), and the Language and Cognition/LAPL research group at the Department of Language and Literature (NTNU).

Keynote speakers:

  • Seana Coulson, University of California, San Diego
  • Kenny Coventry, University of East Anglia
  • Jeanine Treffers-Daller, University of Reading
  • Adele Goldberg, Princeton University
  • Carita Paradis, Lund University 

About SALC V:

The major goal of The Scandinavian Association for Language and Cognition (SALC) is to promote the study of the relationship between language and cognition. This involves any type of research in which language is not treated in isolation (e.g. as a "module"), but both as based on structures and processes of general cognition and social cognition, and as affecting such structures and processes. The association is intended to be a forum for cooperation and exchange of ideas between disciplines, fields of study and theoretical frameworks. The aim of the SALC Conference is to promote the cross-fertilization of linguistics and close fields, such as psychology, cognitive science, the social sciences, and education. We are aiming at presenting interdisciplinary perspectives from all of these fields and encourage submissions from all research areas addressing the interface between language and cognition. The conference is organized into a main general session and 3 parallel thematic sessions:

  1. Spatial categories in first and second language development
  2. Language disorders in monolingual and bilingual speakers
  3. Usage-based approaches to language acquisition

Local organizing Committee:

  • Mila Vulchanova
  • Anne Dahl
  • Valentin Vulchanov
  • Giosuè Baggio
  • Camilla H. Foyn
  • Friederike Voss
  • Sobh Chahboun

Scientific Committee:

  • Mila Vulchanova
  • Teresa Cadierno
  • Carita Paradis
  • Jordan Zlatev
  • Mikkel Wallentin
  • Urpo Nikanne
  • Rosa Alonso
  • Iraide Ibarretxe-Antuñano
  • Vito Pirrelli
  • Kristian Tylén
  • Esa Penttilä
  • Marlene Johansson Falck
  • Carita Lundmark
  • Tiina Onikki
  • Johanna Barddal
  • Lisa Rudebeck
  • Line Burholt Kristensen
  • Viktor Smith

Main session



Session 2


Poster session