ScAIEM 2017 - NTNU in fall


Program illustration

Program Monday 27th

  • 10:30-11:30 PhD-workshop
    • Host: Jonas Ingvaldsen, NTNU
    • Location: 5th floor, “Sentralbygg 2”
    • See own program
  • 11:00-13:00 Registration
    • Location: Outside R7
    • All participants must register to confirm payment and get name tag
  • 12:00- 13:00 Lunch
    • Location: Realfagskantinen
  • 13:00- 17:30 PhD-workshop
    • See own program
  • 13:00- 17:30 Head of Department summit
    • Location: R3
    • Host: Mats Engwall, KTH
  • 13:00- 17:30 IEM Study leader summit
    • Location: R9
    • Host: Tim Torvatn, IEM Study leader, NTNU and conference chair
  • 15:00- 15:30 Refreshments
    • Location: Outside R7
  • 17:30- 18:40 Pause
    • Walk over to Scandic Lerkendal and check in
  • 18:40- 19:00 Bus to Rockheim, museum of Rock
  • 19:00- 20:00 Guided tour at Rockheim
  • 20:00- 22:30 Dinner at Rockheim
    • With entertainment
    • Included in conference fee
  • 22:30 Bus back to Scandic Lerkendal

Program Tuesday 28th

  • 07:45- 10:00 Registration
    • Location: Outside R7
    • All participants must register to confirm payment and get name tag
  • 08:15- 08:30 Welcoming to the conference
    • Location: R9
    • Host: Marielle Christensen, Head of Department, NTNU
  • 08:30- 10:00 First session
    • Research Track session:
      • Digitalization of project-based industries
      • Host: Tomas Ahola, Aalto University
      • Location: R8
    • PhD Track session:
      • Quality in coding of quantitative data: Illustration w/Atlas TI
      • Host: Giulia Nardelli, DTH
      • Location: R9
    • Education Track session:
      • Crossing educational boundaries
      • Host: Henrik Andersson, NTNU and Matthias Henningson, Lindköping University
      • Location: R3
  • 10:00- 10:30 Refreshments
    • Location: Outside of R7
  • 10:30- 12:00 Second session
    • Research Track session:
      • Current issues in academic publishing – importance, performance pressures and integrity problems
      • Host: Christian Berggren, Lindköping University
      • Location: R8
    • PhD Track session:
      • Present yourself and your research
      • Host: Michael Jenssen, NTNU
      • Location: R9
    • Education Track session:
      • Facilitating Entrepreneurship education
      • Host: Lise Aaboen, NTNU and Carina Lund, DTU
      • Location: R3
  • 12:00- 13:00 Lunch
    • Location: Outside of R7
  • 13:00- 13:45 Key Note
    • Stepchanges – a via media between continuous improvement and innovations
    • Host: Per Holdø, Hydro
    • Location: R9
  • 14:00- 15:30 Third session
    • Research Track session:
      • Innovation vs. NPD: How to use and how to measure
      • Host: Solmaz Filiz Korabag
      • Location: R8
    • PhD Track session:
      • Launch of the ScAIEM Young Scolars network
      • Host: Siri Jagstedt, Chalmers and Hanna Rydehell, Chalmers
      • Location: R9
    • Education Track session:
      • How to get more out of simulations and games by engaging the scientific staff
      • Host: Tim Torvatn, NTNU and Jaakko Kujala, Oulo University
      • Location: R3
  • 15:30- 16:00 Refershments
    • Location: Outside of R7
  • 16:00- 16:45 Key note
    • Collaboration for research and innovation; the policy of Norway and the Center schemes of excellent research and innovation. What about instruments for further Nordic cooperation?
    • Host: Kai Mjøsund, Research council of Norway
    • Location: R9
  • 17:00- 18:00 General Assembly
    • Location: R9
  • 18:00- 19:30 Pause
    • Return to hotel
  • 19:00- 20:00 Young Scolars mingle
    • Location: “Den gode nabo” nearby Nidrarosdomen
  • 19:30- 20:00 Bus from hotel to Nidarosdomen
  • 20:00- 20:30 Organ concert
    • Location: Nidarosdomen cathedral
  • 20:30- 23:00 Dinner at To Tårn
  • 23:00 Bus back to hotel
  • 23:00 Opportunity to check out Trondheim
Location: Outside of R7

Program Wednesday 29th

  • 08:30- 10:00 Fourth session
    • Research Track session:
      • Managing the transformation of infra-systems: On the challenge og alignment of innovation in technology and business models to reach sustainability
      • Host: Pernilla Ulfvengren, KTH
      • Location: R8
    • PhD Track session:
      • Publishing academic books in Scandinavia
      • Host: Eric Rehn, Studentlitteratur AB and Knut Ebeltoft, Fagbokforlaget
      • Location: R9
    • Education Track session:
      • Approach, scope and structure in work environment education
      • Host: Kristin Svendsen, NTNU and Rikke Seim, DTU
      • Location: R3
  • 10:00- 10:30 Refreshments
  • 10:30- 12:00 Fifth session
    • Research Track session:
      • Research session 5
      • Host:
      • Location: R8
    • PhD Track session:
      • After the PhD: Academia or industry?
      • Host: Kristine Ibsen, DTU and Trond Haga
      • Location: R9
    • Education Track session:
      • How do students learn, and why does it matter to teaching staff?
      • Host: Tim Torvatn
      • Location: R3
  • 12:00- 12:45 Key note
    • Connected – Innovation and ecosystems: how is this relevant for the future IEM eduction?
    • Host: Terje Andersen, EY
    • Location: R9
  • 12:45- 13:00 Final greetings
    • Location: R9
  • 13:00- 14:00 Farewell lunch
    • Location: Realfagskantinen
  • 14:00- 16:00 Guided tour in Trondheim by bus
    • Pick up: In front of Realfagsbygget
    • Drop off: Scandic Lerkendal hotel and Værnes airport

ScAIEM Conference tracks

The heart of the ScAIEM Conference is the discussion tracks where you can discuss themes relevant to your work with other IEM academics.

We have three tracks; The Study track, the Research tack and the PhD track. Each of the tracks will have between four and six 1-1,5 hour sessions with a theme that is interesting for, and relevant to, the track.

  • Study track discusses themes related to studies and teaching
  • Research track discusses themes related to ongoing IEM research projects
  • PhD track discusses themes relevant to PhD students and supervisors

Each sessions should ideally have at least two presenters from two different countries, presenting their angle to a specific theme, followed by a general discussion among the people present at the session.

We invite all members to send us an email and tell us what they would like to contribute to in terms of themes and questions for the individual sessions. We will have space for 5-6 sessions/themes, and you can send us an email voting for one or more themes that you would like to see/go to, or you could send us a more elaborate suggestion were you promote a theme where you are willing to contribute yourself with material and a presentation. Send the email to the relevant track chair who will try to put together a program for their track based on this feedback. Track chairs are:

Study track: Tim Torvatn

Research track: Hanne Finnestrand

PhD track: Vetle Engesbak

ScAIEM PhD workshop

Click here to see the PhD-workshop program.

On Monday 27 November, we invite PhD candidates to a one-day PhD workshop. 

The aim of the workshop is to support PhD-candidates in developing their ideas and manuscripts, by engaging them in academic discussions with junior and senior colleagues. PhD-candidates may submit a research paper or a research proposal. We would like to attract a mix of candidates who have recently started, are well into their projects or are soon submitting their theses. For active participation, candidates receive 3 ECTS.

We encourage the candidates’ supervisors to join the workshop as discussants.

Important dates

  • 01/10/17: Submit abstract to secure a slot in the schedule (optional, but please do so to help us plan the event).
  • 03/11/17: Submit full paper/ research proposal.

Types of submissions

The ScAIEM PhD-workshop welcomes two kinds of submissions:

  1. Research papers that are highly related to the candidates’ doctoral theses. It is important to submit papers with a good theoretical and empirical frame, a well-structured questions and clear results, because this will enable more useful and accurate feedback.
  2. Research plans or proposals that cover the purpose, scope, theoretical framing, and research questions of the doctoral students. This invitation is particularly addressed to first-year students who are still outlining their research desgin.

Please note that the presented papers may be submitted to scientific journals. ScAIEM 2017 does not publish full-paper proceeding.

Instructions for participants

  • All submissions should be written in English
  • Specify the final title of your submission
  • Write your contact information after the title (name, address, email, phone, position, university/organization)
  • Use single line spacing and Times New Roman 12 for the text
  • Include an abstract of maximum 250 words
  • The length of papers/proposals should be 5 000 - 10 000 words
  • Use a reference style conventional for your research area.

Send your submission by e-mail to Gard Rystad

Please remember to register for the conference! 

IMIT PhD-candidate poster award

We encourage PhD candidates to submit posters for the yearly poster competition, sponsored by IMIT (Institute for Management of Innovation and Technology). 

The winner is awarded 10 000 SEK. Evaluation takes place during 27-28 November and the price ceremony is Tuesday evening.

Instructions for participation:

  • The poster should describe the candidate’s PhD-project.
  • The poster should include title, background, research question, empirical approach, results, theoretical contribution and practical relevance. Participants decides on the exact format and layout.
  • The poster should be printed in paper size A1.
  • Submit by bringing the poster to the ScAEIM Conference.

We appreciate if you notify us in advance that you plan to participate. Please send an e-mail to Gard Rystad within 1 November.