SEKOM Forum is a meeting place for researchers and practitioners that have an interest in academic and professional communication. The forum will be a collaboration arena for SEKOM and our network of researchers and practitioners in a broad range of fields. We will emphasize knowledge sharing and exploration of topics of shared interest, including issues related to theoretical frameworks, methodological questions, researcher-practitioner collaboration, and more.

On occasion, SEKOM Forum will be organized as a Work-in-Progress meeting primarily aimed at the researchers at the centre. This version of the forum will focus on presenting selected topics for each other, helping each other move forward with ideas and ongoing work, as well as identifying areas for collaboration.


  • Friday April 27th, 12-14: SEKOM Forum Work-in-Progress


  • Friday June 1st, 12-16: SEKOM Forum

Bridging research and practice: Opportunities, challenges, and dilemmas in researcher-practitioner collaboration 


  • Friday Sep. 28th, 12-15: SEKOM Forum Work-in-Progress


  • Friday Nov. 2nd, SEKOM Forum

This forum will be held as part of the first day of the festival for non-fiction literature in Trondheim, Sakprosafestivalen and will include the Annual SEKOM Lecture (in Norwegian).