The writing process – from scribbled notes to complete text

Writing the assignment

The writing process – from scribbled notes to complete text


When we write, we go through a process, from initial notes to a complete text. Throughout the writing process, we alternate between two types of writing: creative and critical.

Creative writing – writing to generate ideas

Creative writing is an informal and exploratory type of writing. When writing creatively, we write to come up with ideas and generate thoughts about a topic. Taking notes, writing lists and creating mind maps are all examples of creative writing. In these cases, we produce a type of text that is only meant to be read by ourselves. These texts typically have an informal tone, and formalities and correct language are not major priorities.

Critical writing – writing the text

Critical writing is what we do when we create a text that is meant for actual readers. The goal of this type of writing is to communicate and present information to a reader. Since the text will be read by others, it is important to consider who your readers are.

In this stage of the writing process, we do a lot of critical thinking, and we ask ourselves questions, such as:

  • What am I trying to say with this text?
  • What does the reader need to know?
  • How do I make this text readable and understandable?

It is also important to think about using correct, formal language.

We write to produce a good text that can be read and understood by others.

Switching between creative and critical writing

Even though we now know that a writing process consists of both a creative and a critical stage, it is important to remember that these stages are not entirely separate. Usually, we go back and forth between these stages throughout the writing process. W we continuously work on getting new ideas down on paper, while also processing the text to make it readable for others.


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