The Ethics and Politics of Objectification, Measurement and Standardization

– The second Cuff conference

October 25-27th, 2013 at Dokkhuset, Trondheim.

Organized by the research project The Cultural Logic of Facts and Figures: Objectification, Measurement and Standardization as Social Processes (Cuff) at the Department of Social Anthropology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), financed by The Norwegian Research Council.



Friday, October 25th

Session I: Redefining the Mental, the Natural and the Artificial

(Chair: Eric Monteiro, Informatics, NTNU)

1300-1345: Theodore Porter (History, UCLA):  Asylums and the Data of Human Heredity.

145-1430: Gitte Koksvik (Social Anthropology, NTNU):  Human and Machine. A Phenomenological Approach to Human Existence in an Intensive Care Unit.

1430-1450: Coffee Break

1450-1535: Charles Briggs (Anthropology, UC Berkeley):  Making Epidemiology (Im)mobile: Bodies, Bad Medicine, and Multi-Species Intimacies in a Mysterious Epidemic

1535-1620: Petter Almklov/Jens Røyrvik (NTNU Social Research):  Objectification, Measurement and Standardization in Children's Services in Norway

1930: Dinner


Saturday, October 26th

Session II: Relocating the Real, Commensurating the Heterogeneous

(Chair: Lorenzo Canas Bottos, Social Anthropology)

0900-0945: Lawrence Busch (Sociology/Center for the Study of Standards in Society, Michigan State University):  Markets, Measurements and Mammon. Remaking the World to fit the Theory

0945-1030: Emil Røyrvik (Sintef Research Institute, Trondheim):  Valuation and Commensuration: The Measure of Eurovegas

1030-1050: Coffee Break

1050-1135: Tian Sørhaug (Sociology, University of Oslo): The Value of Values. The Loss of Referents and the Fetishization of Relations.

1135-1220: Tord Larsen (Social Anthropology, NTNU):  Secular Incarnations: the Meaning and Morality of Indicators.

1220-1330: Lunch


Session III: Remaking Nations, Quantifying Humans, Transforming Spaces

Chair: Ann Rudinow Sætnan, Sociology, NTNU)

1330-1415: Mary Poovey (English, New York University) and Kevin Brine (Brine Management and NYU):  Calculating the Nation: The Modern Roots of National Accounts in the United States

1415-1500: Jason Sumich (Social Anthropology, NTNU):  Tenuous Belonging: Citizenship and Democracy in Mozambique

1500-1520: Coffee break

1520-1605: Michael Blim (Graduate Center/Anthropology, CUNY):  Kinship Studies in the Age of Statistics.

1605-1650: Kenneth Olwig (Landscape Architecture, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences):  Eat the Landscape: The "Traditional" Heritage of Modern, Objectified, Measured and Standardized Foodscapes Versus the Common Heritage of Their Non-Modern Antithesis.

1930: Dinner


Sunday, October 27th

Session VI: Re-forming Heritage, Art and Perception

(Chair: Harald Aspen, Social Anthropology, NTNU)

1000-1045: Rosemary Coombe (Social Science, York University): Making Culture Legible: Indicators and Archives as Heritage Technologues (with Eugenia Kisin, NYU)

1045-1130: Allison Fish (Comparative Studies, Ohio State University):  Comparing Creative Commons and Yogis Theories of Knowledge Transfer: The Place of Cultural Property in the Access to Knowledge Movement

1130-1150: Coffee Break

1150-1235: Nigel Rapport (Social Anthropology, St. Andrews University): The Hands of Stanley Spencer: A Study in Distortion

1235-1320: Håkon Fyhn (Interdicisplinary Studies of Culture, NTNU): Control by Calculation.

1320-1405: Alexandra Hui (History, Mississippi State University):  Standardizing Sounds: Listening to Birdsong in the Twentieth Century.

1405-1500: Lunch