The Community of Organizational Anthropology

The Community of Organizational Anthropology (COA) is composed of a group of social anthropologists working in the field of organizational anthropology and located at different research institutions in Trondheim, Norway.These centers are composed of:

  • The Department of Social Anthropology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)
  • Institute of Society and Technology at SINTEF
  • Fisheries and Aquaculture Ltd. at SINTEF
  • Studio Apertura at NTNU Social Research Ltd.
  • Statoil Research Center

In addition, several members are located at other institutions in several countries. More details are found here.

The community was initiated by anthropologists at the Department of Social Anthropology in 2003 with the establishment of a professorship in organizational anthropology. This professorship functioned as a point of contact that made the community possible.

The aim of COA is to:

  • Make visible the role anthropologists can play in organizational and institutional studies

  • Promote and share anthropological knowledge to and with practitioners in private and public enterprises

  • Create a network of anthropologists interested in the field of organizational anthropology

  • Create an arena for dialogue between anthropologists and business representatives

  • Promote opportunities for student training and placement

  • Promote collaborative research engagement among anthropologists in different organizations








Work Unlimited: Identity construction in a global context

The project "Work Unlimited: Identity construction in a global context" focuses on the subjective and personal experiences of global work migrants moving across geographical and administrative boundaries in different European countries.

This research will be a collaborative project involving the fields of organizational anthropology and organizational psychology located at the departments of Social Anthropology and Psychology respectively at NTNU.

Read more about what projects COA members are a part of here.