Organizational Anthropoplogy

Man standing in front of an oil rig. Photo.

The research group in organizational anthropology has as its primary goal the development of empirical and ethnographic studies in different types of organizations and companies and in different geographical settings. Our aim is to focus on the social processes and cultural manifestations taken place within organizations as well as the meaning and representations of organizations in different societies globally. Our anthropological approach to studies of organizations is cultural, comparative and contextual. The main issues addressed in this research area are:

  • Multicultural workforce and work life include occupational and professional communities, knowledge transfer in complex-global organizations, border-crossing, work-family life interactions and challenges.
  • Global production systems include the understanding between culture and productivity, regional cultural differentiation and its competitive advantages, technological systems and human organizational and work practices.
  • Ethnography in organizations and institutions include epistemological and methodological developments and transformation of traditional ethnographic practice into advanced capitalist organizational forms.