35th Scandinavian Symposium on Physical Acoustics


Sunday 29th January

Arrival. Dinner is served from 19.00 to 20:00

21:00 Opening in the lecture hall

21:15 Annual meeting of the Acoustics group of the Norwegian Physical Society

Monday 30th January Morning session

08:30 Brian Dushaw, Applied Physics Laboratory,University of Washington: "The 1960 Perth to Bermuda antipodal acoustic propagation experiment: A measure of a half-century of ocean warming?"

09:10 N. Grigorieva and G. Fridman, St Petersburg State Marine Technical University: "The axial wave equivalent to a group of interfering modes in underwater acoustics"

09:30 Coffee break

10:00 Alexios Korakas, Norwegian University of Science and Technology: "Three-dimensional propagation in a coastal wedge: comparison of laboratory scale measurements with numerical predictions"

10:20 Bo Peng, Norwegian University of Science and Technology: "Experimental study of PPC underwater communication in the Trondheim Fjord"

10:40 Tonje Nesse Forland, University of Bergen: "Wideband calibration of echo sounders using spheres"

11:00 Break

Lunch is served between 12:00 and 13:00

Monday 30th January Afternoon session

16:00 Torstein Olsmo Sæbø, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment: "Repeated passes on synthetic aperture sonar"

16:20 Jean-Pierre Sessarego et al., LMA-CNRS, Marseille: "Backscattering by a spherical shell close to the air-water interface: Comparison experiment / modeling"

16:40 Coffee break

17:10 Trond Jenserud, Paul van Walree, and Roald Otnes, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment: "An underwater acoustic channel simulator"

17:30 Hefeng Dong, Norwegian University of Science and Technology: "Bayesian inversion of interface wave dispersion for seabed shear-velocity estimation"

Tuesday 31th January Morning session

08:30 A. Cebrecos, V. Sanchez-Morcillo, I. Perez-Arjona, R. Picó, K. Staliunas, V. Espinos, Universitat Politècnica de València: "Nonlinear propagation in a sonic crystal"

08:50 Fabrice Prieur, University of Oslo: "3D simulation of parametric ultrasound fields"

09:10 Simen Eldevik et al., Det Norske Veritas: "Sound velocity change owing to the acousto-elastic/plastic effect in steel measured using Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART)"

09:30 Coffee break, and photo session

10:15 Sveinung Skjervheim, Kongsberg: "FEM in transducer design"

10:35 Evelyn Livermore, Norwegian University of Science and Technology: "Microphotonic component modeling with FEM in COMSOL".

10:55 Break

Lunch is served between 12:00 and 13:00

Tuesday 31th January Afternoon session

16:00 Tonni Johansen, SINTEF: "The Surf method applied to imaging through a steel wall"

16:20 Bixing Zhang, Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences: "Defect detection in pipes using phased array technique"

16:40 Sven Peter Näsholm, University of Oslo: "On multiple relaxation, power-law attenuation, and fractional wave equations"

17:00 Coffee break

17:30 Gunnar Taraldsen, SINTEF: "Mixtures of Nonlinear Tait-Kirkwood Fluids"

17:50 Thu Thuy Nguyen, Høgskolen i Vestfold: "A New Method to Measure Myocardial Strain Distribution at High Spatial and Temporal Resolution".

20:15 Social event

Wednesday 1th February Morning session

09:00 Jens Hovem, Norwegian University of Science and Technology: "Propagation of anthropogenic acoustic noise in the ocean"

09:20 Per Lunde, University of Bergen: "Sonar and power budget equations for backscattering of finite amplitude sound waves, with implications in fishery acoustics for abundance estimation of marine resources."

09:40 Coffee break

10:00 Rolf Korneliussen et al., Institute of Marine Research: "Correction of historical multi-frequency acoustic data for nonlinear loss"

10:20 Ulf Kristiansen et al., Norwegian University of Science and Technology: "Aeroacoustic investigation of a flow pipe with a small cavity using the lattice Boltzmann method." (Some of the videos from this presentation can be downloaded here).

A zip-file with all the papers can also be downloaded here.