37th Scandinavian Symposium on Physical Acoustics


Sunday 2nd February

Arrival. Dinner is served from 20.00 to 21:00

21:15 Opening in the lecture hall

21:30 Annual meeting of the Acoustics group of the Norwegian Physical Society

Monday 3rd  February Morning session

08:30 Karl-Thomas Hjelmervik, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment and Karina Hjelmervik, HBV"Sensitivity of sonar performance to oceanographic variability".

08:50 Hui Zhang and Qiwei Wei, both Yangtze River Fisheries Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences, and Helge Balk, University of Oslo, Department of Physics: "Hydroacoustic study on Chinese paddlefish Psephurus gladius in the Yangtze River, China."

09:10 Vilde Askheim, Norwegian University of Science and Technology:  "Noise propagation in the ocean."

09:30 Coffee break

10:00 Jens Hovem, Norwegian University of Science and Technology: "Particle motions caused by seismic interface waves"

10:20 V. Espinosa and I. Perez-Arjona, Universitat Politècnica de València: "Some results and questions about acoustical biomass monitoring in sea cages"

10:40 Knut Waagan, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment: "Parabolic equation modeling of long-ranging, low frequency noise."

Monday 3rd  February Afternoon session

16:00 Rune Hauge (a,b),  Eivind Nag Mosland (a,b), Espen Storheim (a,b), Per Lunde (a,c,b), Magne Vestrheim (a,b), and Jan Kocbach (c,b) ( a) University of Bergen, Department of Physics and Technology, b) The Michelsen Centre for Industrial Measurement Science and Technology, c) Christian Michelsen Research AS (CMR)): "Updated results on finite element modeling of a transmit-receive ultrasound measurement system. Comparison with experiments in air"

16:20 Simen Eldevik, DNV and Per Lunde, University of Bergen: "Measurement of non-linear acoustoelastic effect in steel"

16:40 Magne Aanes (a,b), Kjetil Daae Lohne (b), Per Lunde (a,b) and Magne Vestrheim (a) ( a) University of Bergen, Department of Physics and Technology b) Christian Michelsen Research AS (CMR)): "Transducer beam diffraction effects in sound transmission of water-embedded steel plate, at normal incidence".

17:00 Coffee break

17:30 Grunde Waag, HBV: "Simulation of pulse-echo measurements on plates".

17:50 Krzysztof Czarnecki and Marek Moszynski, Gdansk University of Technology: "Usage of concentrated spectrogram for analysis of acoustical signals"

Tuesday 4th February Morning session

08:30  Mathias Sæther and Per Lunde, University of Bergen: "Sound velocity measurement method for porous sandstone. Comparison of finite element modelling and measurements."

08:50  Vidar Anmarkrud and Karl-Thomas Hjelmervik, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment: "Modelling multistatic sonar performance"

09:10 Jean-Pierre Sessarego, LMA-CNRS: "A femtosecond laser as an efficient wide band acoustic source for underwater  applications"

09:30  Coffee break

10:00  Torbjørn Ringholm, Norwegian University of Science and Technology: "Target depth estimation using hull mounted sonar" [full version] [short version]

10:20 Sara Martin Roman, Norwegian University of Science and Technology: "Aircraft localization using the acoustical Doppler effect".

10:40 Serge Dos Santos, Djamel Remache and Michael Caliez, INSA, Centre Val de Loire: "Nonlinear Time Reversal Acoustics for identification of localized scatterers in a complex medium : basic principles and examples for bio-mechanical applications"

Tuesday 4th  February Afternoon session

16:00 Gunnar Taraldsen, SINTEF: "Estimation of exponential attenuation of waves from backscattering data"

16:20  Hefeng Dong, Norwegian University of Science and Technology: "Shear-wave Speed Estimation by Ocean Ambient Noise"

16:40 Coffee break

17:10 David N. MacLennan, The Orchard: "Real-time calibration of in-situ measurements of target strength"

17:30  Bo Peng, Norwegian University of Science and Technology: "Frequency domain turbo equalization and DSP implementation."

17:50 Lars Hoff, HBV: "Ultrasound Transducer Activities at HBV, Høgskolen i Buskerud og Vestfold".

Wednesday 5th February Morning session

09:00  M. Amielh, F. Anselmet, IRPHE, Y. Jiang, U. Kristiansen, NTNU, P-O Mattei, D. Mazzoni, C. Pinhede LMA: "The IRPHE corrugated pipe experiments"

09:20   Trond Jenserud, Norwegian Defence Research Establishment: "Underwater acoustic channel simulators"

09:40 Tungh Manh, Lars Hoff, HBV, Tonni Johansen, SINTEF: "Design and production of a two layer piezocomposite linear array"

Lei Dong and Hefeng Dong, Norwegian University of Science and Technology: "Bellhop – A modeling approach to sound propagation in the ocean"

A zip-file with all the papers can also be downloaded here.