Product and System Design

Master´s Degree Programme, 2 years, Ålesund

Product and System Design

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This programme of study focuses on the design of ship equipment and maritime systems. Despite the focus on the maritime, the applied design methods are generic, and can be applied to other industries. You will be challenged in developing new solutions that are safe, environmentally friendly and efficient.

You will learn about advanced systems that include robots, cranes and winches used in deck solutions, which address the complex interactions between operators. Global focus on the environment also challenge system designs, therefore the studies include subjects on environmental technologies.

You will also concentrate on the maritime operations that the ship is performing, and you will be simulating these operations in order to design the required maritime systems in the most efficient way.

Learn state-of-the-art software

This master's degree programme combines fundamental and specialisation courses, with an updated and modern view on Product Design topics, focusing on Digitalization, 3D Modelling, Simulation and Programming.

Digital tools are used in all courses, with emphasis in state-of-the-art software used by the Norwegian companies.

Cooperation with the maritime industries

Part of the program combines theory and practice by students visiting and cooperating with the nearby maritime companies. The maritime cluster around Ålesund is among the most complete in the world, and Norwegian maritime enterprises together form an internationally competitive, expertise-based industry that comprises an unrivalled degree of professionalism.

You will acquire skills and attitudes to act efficiently within the design of products and systems in the global maritime industry. This includes fisheries, aquaculture and offshore exploration. 

Industrial cluster

The local maritime cluster has developed a strong international position among shipping companies, entrepreneurs and exporters. A visible sign of the international cooperation in the field as well as research based technology development and training, is the establishment on campus of the Norwegian Maritime Competence Centre (NMK). 

The department of Ocean Operations and Civil Engineering has established a well-functioning cooperation with companies and organizations in the maritime cluster (GCE - Blue Maritime Cluster). These are businesses / organizations which itself operates in an international setting. NTNU benefits from guest lecturers and part-time employees from this cluster, besides the research-related cooperation.

This connection provides students as well as the teaching and research staff with an excellent entrance to an international arena. We expect that most master's theses will be on practical issues related to this industry. This allows that work and related instructions in relation to these theses can take place at companies or in universities both at home and abroad.

Through industrial student projects in the individual courses and in particular in the master's theses entrepreneurship, innovation and new thinking are continually developed. The program has strong emphasis on the cooperation with local industry and the GCE Blue maritime, founded on the maritime environment in Ålesund of shipping companies, entrepreneurs and exporters that hold a strong international position.

UN Sustainable development goals

UN Sustainable development goals

Innovative products and sustainable systems is the future of engineering. On Product and Systems Design you learn how to design and develop complex products and efficient processes for a better environment both below and above the sea surface.

Icon - UN Sustainable Development Goal 7 - Affordable and clean energy. Link to Sustainable Development goal 7.Icon - UN Sustainable Development Goal 9 - industries, innovation and infrastructure. Link to Sustainable Development goal 7.
Icon - UN Sustainable Development Goal 12 - responsible consumption and production. Link to Sustainable Development goal 12.Icon - UN Sustainable Development Goal 14 - Life below water. Link to Sustainable Development goal 14.