Product and System Design

Master's degree programme, 2 years, Ålesund

Product and System Design

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There is nothing more global than maritime activities, and specialists in maritime systems and operations have the world as a workplace. Students that are already employed by a company, can work on tasks initiated by the industry through the study. This way, linking the relevant challenges from business to theory, NTNU in Alesund will put you in touch with the maritime industry.

As a graduate in this program the student can look forward to working with challenges connected to the design, simulation and operation of maritime systems, meeting both the strict economic requirements and the environmental goals aiming for low emission. The student will be able to use and develop the next generation of simulation and visualization technologies for the design of offshore and maritime operations.

You can have a career in these fields: 

  • Maritime, marine, ship yards and other industries
  • Classification societies
  • Government organizations
  • Shipping
  • Insurance
  • Finance
  • Education

Career interviews

Below you can read interviews with some of our former students.

Asset Publisher

I get to be part of creating sustainable solutions for the fishing industry

Name: Anne-Marte Ulla Roaldsnes
Programme of study: Product and System Design
Graduated from NTNU: 2018
Profession: Engineer
Employer: Optimar

I use some specific skills from what I learned during my education, as the use of 3D-drawing programmes, visualisation and ranging of ideas and concepts, learn about the product developing phase from start to end and mapping of the clients needs and demands.

I like variations and a horizon that is not carved in stone

Name: Mads Gausdal
Programme of study: Product and System Design
Graduated from NTNU: 2014
Profession: Engineer / Systems Developer
Employer: CFlow Fish Handling As
Earlier relevant jobs: Vard Design AS (2014-2019), Sveiseverkstedet K.G Karlsson (2006-2012) and Havyard Power And Supply (2013-2014)

The main competence I obtained after graduation is without doubt the ability to put myself in complex problems and solving them.