Master´s Degree Programme, 2 years

Ship Design

– About Ship Design

It is a great engineering challenge to design new ship systems that could turn shipping into the most efficient, safe and environmentally friendly means of transportation in the future.

New ship design is typically in response to needs coming from new technologies, changes in the world politics, new strategies and lessons learned from previous ship development.

During your second semester you choose one of the following majors:

Ship Structural Design

In this course you will study the factors influencing the structural design of ships. Theoretical understanding of the structural capacity of a ship is accompanied by up-to-date practical calculation methods.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

A theoretical background to numerical prediction of fluid flow is given. CFD tools are used to predict the resistance of ship hulls and to study local flows for design optimization of various structural details (brackets, rudder positions, etc.)

Structure of the programme

  • Discipline oriented master programme (120 ECTS credits):Two years full-time, or four years part-time.
  • Professional master degree (90 ECTS credits):1.5 years full-time, or three years part-time.

The 2-year international Master in Product and Systems Design share some of the courses with this program.

See Academic Calendar 2017/2018.