Master's degree programme, 2 years

Ship Design

– Learning outcome

Learning outcome - Knowledge

  • has general knowledge within the marine technologies fields.
  • has advanced knowledge within the specified field (master thesis topic)
  • is able to understand and use proper terminology. 

Learning outcome - Skills

  • Can analyze existing theories, methods and interpretations in the field of marine technologies.
  • Can work independently on practical and theoretical problems (find the relevant sources, methods).
  • Is able to work with modern computer programs (CAD programs, CFD programs )

Learning outcome - General competence

  • Can analyze relevant academic, professional and research ethical problems
  • Can apply his/her knowledge and skills in new areas in order to carry out advanced assignments and projects
  • Can communicate extensive independent work and master language and terminology of the academic field
  • Can communicate about academic issues, analysis and conclusions in the field, both with specialists and the general public
  • Can contribute to new thinking and innovation processes.