Master's degree programme, 2 years

Ship Design

– Programme components

The first year (full time study) is made up of 5 subjects (where 1 of the subjects should be chosen between two alternative subjects and/or the "Best Practice"-modules. Each subject is scheduled for a given day of the week. This scheduling makes part time study possible. Each module is taught intensively over a one week period.

The second year includes more specialized studies, including projects and a master thesis. Much of the programme is linked to industrial issues.

For part time study, please look at the program plan and course plans and make sure to chose dependent courses in correct order. 

Teaching and working methods

Lectures, individual- and group exercises, project work and laboratory assignments.

Modules ("Best Practice Modules") are taught by teams involved in maritime operations. The modules are one-week, intensive courses, which all are a part of a post qualifying education.

Part time study programs provide unique opportunities for combining theory and practice. Students who are employed can also link problems or projects relevant to their company to the theoretical consepts in the course.

Programme structure

The first two semesters consists of six main courses (mandatory) and eight best practise course modules. Each course is scheduled for a given day of the week. This is convenient for part time students. The Best Practice modules are lectured intensively over a one-week period, which is scheduled at the beginning of each semester.

The third semester consists of special elective courses, and in the last semester you will write a master thesis. 

For part time study, each student must make a individual progress plan, and check dependent courses in order to attend in correct order.

View full programme description with table of subjects in the study plan:

Study plan for Master in Ship Design 2017/2018.