International Business and Marketing

Master's degree program, 2 years

International Business and Marketing

– Job prospects

The program provides opportunities for careers in international business, marketing, innovation and entrepreneurship. You will develop expertise that allows you to choose to work in Norway or abroad, with highly attractive competence, including an understanding of international business, marketing, innovation, sustainability, digital skills and how to work effectively in teams. You can work at different levels in an organization including corporate management. The program accordingly opens up different career paths.

You may work with management and management of companies and organizations. With a Master of Science in International Business and Marketing, you have a broad educational background in economics and administrative disciplines. This enables you to work within many different parts of an organization, within different functions and work areas. Very many civil economists work as top or middle managers in the businesses they are employed in.

  • administration and management
  • financing of companies / businesses
  • economic analysis; accounting, budget and forecast work
  • socioeconomic analysis
  • project management
  • audit, purchasing and logistics
  • marketing, PR and communication
  • HR / HR external consultancy

You may also be involved in teaching and research.