Simulation and Visualization

Master's degree programme, 2 years, Ålesund

Simulation and Visualization

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Doctoral education

Doctoral education (PhD)

After completing a master’s programme, you can take a doctorate (PhD).

A PhD is the highest level of formal education in Norway.
A PhD degree from NTNU qualifies the graduate for leadership positions in business and industry, public administration, higher education and research.

Surveys show that people with a PhD have a very high level of employment. Academia is often regarded as the most common career path for doctoral graduates, but a large proportion of our PhDs go on to work in top jobs in the private sector.

Relevant PhD programmes:

Relevant PhD programmes:

Integrated PhD programme

An integrated PhD programme is an alternative course of study from and including the last year of the master’s programme. The advantage of an integrated PhD is that the master’s and PhD degrees are closely linked.