Occupational Therapy

Bachelor's degree programme, 3 years

Occupational Therapy

The aim of the occupational therapy programme is to qualify client-centred and reflective professionals in order for them to promote health and quality of life among the population. Occupational therapists are creative problem-solvers who work to restore lost activity following illness or injury, and to promote adaption to a new living situation. This can take place by training injured body functions, by using technical solutions to compensate for a loss, or by learning new ways of performing an activity.

The essence of occupational therapy is the human being’s participation in play, work and self-care. As an occupational therapist you will contribute to people participating and taking part in daily life. Cooperation across professional boundaries within the field of health and technology is therefore important to achieve a development of the human being’s ability to cope, the adaption of activities and change of environment.

The occupational therapy programme at NTNU in Gjøvik focuses especially on the areas of welfare technology and universal design.

Admission Samordna Opptak (sharing)


Language of instruction: Norwegian

You have to meet the Norwegian language requirements, or have a Scandinavian language as your mother tongue, if you want to  apply to any of NTNU's degree programmes.

You also must meet the basic requirement for admission, and demonstrate that you meet the English language requirements.

The application deadline for the programme is April 15th. Students apply through Samordna Opptak.

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