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In the study of Phonetics we focus on how we communicate through oral speech, as well as speech perception. Fundamental topics in the specialization in Phonetics on bachelor's level include:

  • How are we able speak?
  • How can we distinguish and recognize speaking voices?
  • How is synthetic speech produced?
  • How can we help people with speech difficulties?

The course of study provides theoretical knowledge and proficiency in Phonetics.

As a bachelor's student in Phonetics you will:

  • Learn auditory analysis, which is essential to transcription of spoken language
  • Acquire skills concerning the articulation of speech sounds used in languages all over the world
  • Gain knowledge about the anatomy, physiology and function of speech organs in oral language
  • Obtain knowledge on oral language as an acoustic phenomenon
  • Learn experimental design and quantitative data processing
  • Learn instrumental analysis of the quality and durability of speech sounds by using computers and intonation.

Phonetics is a subject area through which one with the use of modern technical opportunities investigates how people communicate through oral language. Even if traditional observation of the speech organs' activity is significant, speech analysis is nevertheless mainly conducted by using computers. In this way, we may investigate important details that are not audible to the human ear. Another great advantage of modern methodology is that by using computer programmes we may manipulate intonation, for the purpose of testing the influence of manipulation of our perception.

NTNU is the only university in Norway that offers Phonetics at bachelor's and master's levels.

Phonetics is a science which borders on a number of other subject areas, within the Humanities as well as within Technology. The programme of study may therefore on the one hand be combined with subjects such as linguistics, applied linguistics, all language courses, psychology, anthropology or sociology and on the other information technology, speech technology (signal conditioning, speech synthesis and speech recognition) or information science.

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