Bachelor's programme in history


Old books and a CD

History is all-embracing. This current piece of text is also a part of history. The assassination in Sarajevo, Genghis Khan and Sesame Street are history. The union between Norway and Sweden, and yesterday's dinner are definitely history. The past has departed, but as an historian, you may reverse parts of history

To study history is to understand the occurrence of the world, and how various aspects of our society are interconnected.

Knowledge about how life has varied at different stages in time and in various societies makes it easier to understand contemporary societies. The history programme deals with a wide range of courses ranging from dramatic events such as wars and revolutions to more daily situations (for example family life and daily work). Moreover, knowledge of power games and political development, as well as what kind of thoughts and ideas that have an impact on our actions are also inquired into. Attention is brought to local cultures, national states, and questions relating to the entire global world.

The bachelor's programme in history has two specializations; history and ancient culture.