KJ3021 - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy


Examination arrangement

Examination arrangement: Written examination
Grade: Letters

Evaluation form Weighting Duration Examination aids Grade deviation
Written examination 100/100 4 hours C

Course content

The course presents an overview of the principles of modern NMR spectroscopy and its application within organic chemistry. NMR puls techniques are presented. Various 1D experiments are discussed, including double resonance and those consisting of complex pulse sequences. Two-dimensional experiments and applications on static and dynamic structure determinations are reviewed. Selected examples of published applications are discussed.

Learning outcome

After having completed the course, the student should:

1) Understand the basic principles of NMR.
2) Understand the concepts of 1D and 2D NMR experiment.
3) Be able to extract specific information about structure of a compound from various NMR experiments.
4) Be skilled enough to elucidate an unknown structure, or to solve a structure-related problem, by combining information obtained from various NMR experiments.
5) Be able to choose NMR experiments which are the most appropriate for solving a particular problem

Learning methods and activities

Lectures (2 hours per week) and exercises (3 hours per week). Lectures and exercises are in English. The examination paper will only be given in English, and the answers have to be given in English as well.
For re-sit exam or exam during a term without lectures in this course, written examination may be changed to oral examination.

Further on evaluation

For the Academic year 2017/2018 §28 of the Supplementary regulations of the Study regulations, dated 2015.08.01, apply for re-sit examinations for final oral and written examinations in science subjects.

Course materials

H. Friebolin: Basic One- and Two-Dimensional NMR Spectroscopy, 5. ed., Wiley-VCH, 2011. E. Breitmaier: Structure Elucidation by NMR in Organic Chemistry, 3. ed., Wiley, 2002.

Credit reductions

Course code Reduction From To
KJ3022 7.5 2012-09-01
MNKKJ321 7.5
MNKKJ321 7.5
TKJ4120 7.5 2006-08-01


Detailed timetable


Examination arrangement: Written examination

Term Statuskode Evaluation form Weighting Examination aids Date Time Room *
Autumn ORD Written examination 100/100 C 2017-12-07 09:00 KJL1 , R D1-185 Datasal , R73 , E4
Spring ORD Written examination 100/100 C 2018-05-28 09:00 F2
  • * The location (room) for a written examination is published 3 days before examination date.
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