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Economics and Management

The courses are sorted after subject area. By clicking the links to courses listed below, you'll find course description, timetable and exam information for each course. Some of the courses are taught in English and Norwegian. Please notice that not all courses are instructed every semester.

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Courses in English - OK

Courses in English - Economics
Course Code Course Title Semester Credits (ECTS)
SØK2009 International Microeconomics Autumn 7,5
SØK1151 Macroeconomics for Managers Autumn 7,5
FIN3005 Asset Pricing* Autumn 7,5
FIN3006 Applied Time Series Econometrics* Autumn 15
SØK3529 Dynamic Macro** Autumn 15
SØK2006 International Trade Spring 7,5
SØK2007 Development Economics Spring 7,5
SØK2010 Banking Spring 7,5
SØK1101 Environmental and Resource Economics Spring 7,5
  The master level spring courses for 2018 will be decided in October 2017    

SØK1101 and SØK1051 are taught at campus Gløshaugen.

*These are courses at advanced master's level - open for master level exchange students. Recommended previous knowledge are the compulsory master courses in financial economics (i.e. at NTNU:  EconometricsMathematics, Corporate Finance, Financial DerivativesCapital Markets and Uncertainty)

**This is a course at advanced master's level - open for master level exchange students. Recommended previous knowledge are the compulsory master courses in Economics (i.e. at NTNU: EconometricsMathematicsMicroeconomicsMacroeconomics and Public Economcis)

  • Bachelor's level courses are numbered 1000-2999
  • Master's level courses are numbered 3000-5500

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Courses in English - Industrial Economics and Technology Management
Course Code Course Title Semester Credits (ECTS)
TIØ4175 Purchasing and Logistics Management* Spring 7,5
TIØ4140 Project Evaluation and Financing* Spring 7,5
TIØ5210 Programme and Portfolio Management* Spring 7,5
TIØ4285 Production and Network Economics* Spring 7,5
TIØ4205 Methods and tools in Safety Practice* Spring 7,5
TIØ4235 Industrial Marketing and International Business* Spring 7,5
TIØ4136 ICT Economics - Planning and Economics of Tele and Information Services* Spring 7,5
TIØ4261 Green Value Creation and Ethical Perspectives* Spring 7,5
TIØ5215 Global Governance of Sustainable Supply Chains* Spring 7,5
TIØ4317 Empirical and Quantitative Methods in Finance* Spring 7,5
TIØ4360 Advanced Investment Analysis* Spring 7,5
TIØ4258 Technology Management (in Norwegian) Autumn 7,5
TIØ4117 Microeconomics (in Norwegian) Autumn 7,5
TIØ4120 Operations Research, Introduction (in Norwegian) Autumn 7,5
TIØ4345 Management of Business Relations and Networks Autumn 7,5
TIØ4265 Strategic Management Autumn 7,5
TIØ5200 Project Organizations Autumn 7,5
TIØ4146 Finance for Science and Technology Students Autumn 7,5
TIØ4195 Environmental Management and Corporate Governance Autumn 7,5
TIØ4201 Risk Governance Autumn 7,5
TIØ4145 Corporate Finance Autumn 7,5
TIØ5235 Industrial Ecology, Project Autumn 7,5
TIØ4180 Innovation Management Autumn 7,5

*These are courses at advanced master's level - open for master level exchange students. 

Courses in English - NTNU Business School
Course Code Course Title Semester Credits (ECTS)
BØA3031 Sport Business and Economics Autumn 7,5
MRK2015 Managing Business Relationship Autumn 7,5
MRK3015 Consumer Behaviour Autumn 7,5
SMØ2020 Welfare Economics Autumn 7,5
BBOA3010 Corporate Finance Autumn 7,5
SPR2010 Business and Management English Autumn/Spring 7,5
BØA2042 Financial Modelling using Excel Spring 7,5
MRK2020 International Business Spring 7,5
BBOA3020 Financial Institutions, Markets and Regulations Spring 7,5
MRK3025 Innovation and Business Development Spring 7,5
TSOL510 Innovation an Product Development* Autumn 7,5
TSOL550 Influencing and Negotiating Skills* Autumn 7,5
ØS450 Advanced Management Accounting* Autumn 7,5
BOKO4010 Accounting, Strategy and Management* Spring 7,5
IF440 Capital Markets and Uncertainty* Spring 7,5

*These are courses at advanced master's level - open for master level exchange students. 

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