Applied Computer Science

– Programme components

The programme has several specialisations:

  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Games
  • Colour and image processing
  • Media processing

The first year of the study program will give the students a basic understanding of - and skills in the use of - technologies for media computing and for developing web applications, mobile applications, and games. Some of these basic courses are compulsory for all students.The students will also gain a basic understanding of digital innovation and entrepreneurship.

The third semester of the study will give the students the opportunity to specialize in a relevant area of their choice. They will also develop their thesis proposal and will conduct a small research oriented project.

The learning activities in the third and the fourth semesters are to a large degree research based. The students will have the opportunity work closely with the research groups within the Media Technology Lab.

The last semester is devoted to the master’s thesis.

Study plan